Welcome to Hawthorn Class

In Hawthorn class you will discover wonderful Year 3 and 4 children learning and working hard. This year our Year 4 cohort is split between Hawthorn and Oak classes. Our Year 4 children in Hawthorn class are our 12 youngest in the cohort.  

For 2022-23

  • Hawthorn class is home to 33 fantastic children aged between 7-9
  • There are 21 Year 3 children. 
  • There are 12 Year 4 children
  • The Class Teacher is called Miss Kimberley
  • The class has Learning Coach support from Mrs Siddall (HLTA and teaches the class on Fridays) and Mrs Dervish
  • Miss Hibbert, our music curriculum teacher, teaches Hawthorn class every other Monday afternoon
  • Our specialist art teacher, Mrs Woodard, teaches Hawthorn class art duirng the year alongside Mrs Siddall.
  • Every three weeks, Mrs Smart (Learning Coach), leads on OAA (outdoor adventurous activity).
  • In the Spring term, children in Hawthorn and Oak classes will put on a play for for the school and their families 


Birthday Book Wishlist

Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Caroll

Corey’s Rock by Sita Brahmachari

The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer

The Curse of the Tomb Robbers (An ancient Egyptian Puzzle mystery) by Andy Seed

The Last Whale by Chris Vick