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Physical Education at Haslingfield Endowed Primary School, aims to give children the tools and understanding required to make a positive impact on their own physical health and well-being. We want all children to experience a wide variety of sports and physical skills, which will enhance life-long fitness and embed life- long values. We aim to provide opportunities to challenge and promote self-esteem through the development of physical confidence and problem solving activities and teach children the skills to accept both success and failure in competitive, individual and team based activities. PE at Haslingfield Primary School is an imperative element of the curriculum, which develops a need for healthy life styles, a balanced diet, positive growth mind-set and the resilience to persevere with activities that may be once have felt too difficult. 



Physical Education at Haslingfield Endowed Primary School is taught by a combination of class teachers, PE specialists and qualified sports coaches and follows the Cambridgeshire scheme of work for Physical Education. Children have equal opportunities to take part in a range of sports and physical activities within a supportive environment where effort as well as success is recognised. Children are encouraged to participate in exercise throughout the day during PE lessons, outdoor learning, daily mile, 5 a day, sensory circuits, lunchtime sports provision, before and after school clubs and special events. In addition to this, the children are encouraged to take part in extensive inter and intra competitions both within school and with other schools. Our school participates in competitions and performances in the South

Cambridgeshire School’s Partnership and has received the Gold standard for the School Games mark every year since 2015 and since 2019 have received the platinum award. Our School has its own heated swimming pool used during the summer, by all children from EYFS to year 6. During this half term, the children have structured swimming lessons twice a week. 



PE at Haslingfield School provides children with the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills exceptionally well and develop an in-depth understanding of PE. Our children show willingness to practise skills in a wide range of different activities and situations, alone, in small groups and in teams and to apply these skills in chosen activities to achieve exceptionally high levels of performance. They show a high level of fitness and a strong understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is.

Our children develop the ability to remain physically active for sustained periods of time and have an understanding of the importance of this in promoting long-term health and well-being. The older children in our school become excellent young leaders, organising and officiating, and evaluating what needs to be done to improve, and motivating and instilling excellent sporting attitudes in others, especially at playtimes and lunchtimes. Our children have a willingness to participate eagerly in every lesson, highly positive attitudes and the ability to make informed choices about engaging fully in extra-curricular sport. Children at our school develop the ability to swim at least 25 metres before the end of Year 6 and have a knowledge of how to remain safe in and around water.