Classes and Staff

Headteacher Mr G McLeod (Safeguarding/Prevent Lead)


Deputy Headteacher Miss Donna Peck


Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator Miss C Kimberley




Teachers and support staff


 Mrs L Lightfoot (Monday to Thursday) 

 Mrs Symmons (Friday)

 Mrs Chadwick


  Mrs E Noble (Monday - Wednesday)

  Mrs M Stephenson (Thursday and Friday)


 Mrs S Chapman Burton


 Mrs L Lees (Mon-Wed)

 Mrs F Keen (Thurs-Fri)


 Miss C Kimberly (Monday to Thursday)

 Miss  E Houghton (Friday) 


 Mr A Brown


 Miss D Peck 


Ms Anderson - Spanish

Mrs S Lihoreau – Music



Mrs J Siddall
Miss E Houghton


Nursery Nurse

Mrs H Chadwick


Support Staff
School Business Manager Mrs N Pearce

Clerical Assistant Mrs C Stanley

Finance Administrator Mrs M Miller

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Williams

Miss E Houghton

Mrs S Smart

Mrs H Chadwick

Mrs C Gibbs

Mrs Golden

Mrs T Taylor

Peripatetic Music Teachers 

Piano Mrs J Mayo / Mrs M McElroy

Guitar Mr T Cory

Drums Rebecca Robinson

Brass Mr M Dawson

Violin Mrs J Brien

Woodwind Emma Cooper

Caretaker Mrs A Gathercole

Cook Mrs A Harrup

Supervising Lunch

Mrs K Williams - Mid-day Coordinator (TA) 

Miss E Houghton (TA)

Mrs T Wilson

Miss J Coxall

Mrs S Smart

Mrs T Lovegrove

Out of School Club

Mr E Martin

Miss J Coxall