Forest School

Forest School

Forest School at Haslingfield School provides the children in Ash class opportunities to learn through experience in a natural outdoor setting.  They work in a practical way to develop their self-esteem and confidence and foster a sense of awe, wonder and respect in the natural world.

Forest School aims to look at the child in a holistic way, developing emotional intelligence.  (children’s self-awareness. self-regulation, social skills, empathy and self-motivation)  

The children are encouraged to be curious, fascinated, interested and inventive in the world around them.  It is based on a children's right to play and the freedom to meet challenges and learn to handle risk.

Children to develop personal and social skills, work through practical problems and challenges and develop an ability to review and reflect on their learning.

They use tools to create, build or manage and develop practical skills that improve physical motor skills and build confidence in decision making and evaluating risks. 

The connection between ourselves and nature are explored, this supports the understanding of the benefits of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and fosters a lifelong respect and love of the world around them.

Children are allowed time to pursue knowledge that interests them, which results in greater motivation and improved concentration skills.

The fire Circle

A place to meet, a place to talk, a place to cook, a place to learn, and a place to reflect.