Haslingfield School Policies

Haslingfield School endevours to put in place clear and concise policies and procedures. This is to ensure that governors, staff, children and parents involved in the school are able to work to the same comprehensible set of rules and guidelines. Our policies are intended to provide a framework that ensures consistent principles are applied to practice across the school. 

Paper copies can be collected from the school office on request.

Core Policies


PDF Icon Admissions Policy    PDF IconHomework 
PDF Icon Attendance Policy        PDF IconFreedom of Information Policy   
PDF Icon Anti-Bullying Policy PDF Icon Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 
PDF Icon Behaviour Policy PDF Icon Safer Employment Policy   
PDF Icon Charging and Remissions Policy    PDF Icon Staff Induction Policy     
PDF Icon Code of Conduct Policy  PDF IconUse of Photographic and Video Images Policy   
PDF Icon Complaints Policy        PDF IconWhistleblowing Policy    
PDF Icon Data Protection Policy               PDF IconUniform Policy
PDF Icon Equality Policy           

Further Selected School Policies of Public Interest

PDF Icon Communication Policy

PDF Icon E-Safety Policy      

PDF IconGuidance on Infection Control in Schools

PDF Icon Home to School Transport Policy               

PDF Icon Managing Volunteers in a School Setting

PDF Icon Public Sector Equality Duty Statement

PDF Icon Pupil Premium

PDF Icon Special Educational Needs Policy

PDF Icon What to Do if You Are Worried a Child is Being Abused - Guidance