Photographs and Video Images

There are many occasions on which it is a good thing to make use of photographs and video images that include children. This is perfectly proper and to be encouraged. However, our school will do all it can to ensure that images are used properly, and that, as in all matters, risks are minimised, and our children kept safe and secure, whether at school or elsewhere.


Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, all photographs and video images of children and staff alike are classified as personal data. This means that no image can be used for display or for school publicity etc., unless consent is given by or on behalf of the individual concerned.


All parents and carers will be asked to sign a consent form allowing their child to be photographed or videoed while taking part in school activities, and for the image to be used within the school. This form will be given to the parents or guardians of all children joining the school in each successive year. This consent will be assumed to roll forward from one year to the next, as long as the children remain on the school roll. It allows the school to take pictures of pupils engaged in educational activities such as sports events, drama productions, field trips, etc., and to use these pictures internally. Where parents or carers do not give their consent, then the children concerned will not have pictures taken of them.


Photographs of children should not be uploaded onto websites or social media or transferred to a third party without parents’ permission. The school allows parents, family and friends to take photographs of children on the school site and during school events (eg sports day and performances) but we aim to ensure that these photographs are for personal use only by putting in place the following steps:


  • There is a sign at the school entrance stating that any photographs are for personal use only.

  • Tickets for performances state that any photographs taken are ‘for personal use only’.

  • The schools policy is outlined on the Home School Agreement.


This practice is in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and with guidance from Cambridgeshire County Council (Guidance for Schools and other Establishments on the Use of Images) and the Information Commissioners Office (Taking Photographs in Schools), which state that photographs taken for personal use are exempt from the Data Protection Act.