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WIllow Class Learning and News Blog

Friday 20th November 2020

This week in Willow Class we have been confidently learning about square and cube numbers. Over the week the children have recalled on their times table knowledge to identify the square numbers and the speed of recall of their facts have become quicker and quicker which is very pleasing. They then used this knowledge to help calculate cube numbers which led us to begin to look at formal methods of calculating as we dealt with larger numbers. The class applied their knowledge to calculate sums involving square and cube numbers, compare them with other numbers using symbols and solve mystery numbers where the children had to carefully read the worded problem in front of them. To complete the week, the children applied their times table facts to share their understanding of inverse operations.

I was very impressed with Willow’s Big Write from last week but we managed to find areas to improve their newspaper articles even further as we conducted an editing session. This was followed by learning about a new grammar feature – relative clauses. The children spent time changing two sentences into one and then using a colour coded key system to identify the relative pronoun, the main clause and the subordinate clause. We also finally finished The Firework Maker’s Daughter so the children have spent part of the week researching and extracting important information on fireworks are made, how they are launched and how to get different colours and shapes. The children were exposed to some tricky scientific language but coped admirably and their understanding grew the more we discussed the concepts and viewed diagrams. We have also looked at the language of cause and effect and gradually we will be writing and presenting in best an explanation piece of writing to fully explain all about fireworks.

In PE we have begun a new set of activities with the children where we did football skills outside on a Thursday and gymnastics indoors Friday afternoon. The children had a good first session where they worked on a range of passing activities where they gradually became more confident using the football and improved the accuracy of their passing during the session. The children will need to make sure they bring appropriate footwear (shoes they don’t mind getting muddy – boots are allowed if they can lace them themselves) and as the weather starts to get colder, they will need to make sure they have warmer clothing too.

Hola a todos! In Willow class we played tell the time dominoes and all achieved our learning objective of asking for the time and telling the time in Spanish. Hasta luego!

English: to write an explanation text.

Maths: to understand and identify square and cube numbers.

Friday 13th November 2020

This week in Willow Class we have been working towards writing our own newspaper report on Lilas return to her city in order to rescue her father from execution. We began the week by annotating a newspaper article using lots of different colours to create a key. We moved onto role playing different characters and interviewed them to try and get their perspective of events before capturing their voice using direct speech. Following this we learnt about writing indirect (reported) speech and re-wrote our ideas for direct speech, making sure we were changing the tense, the person perspective and removing the inverted commas. Later in the week we planned our writing by drawing out how our newspaper page would look, the children came up with their own headline, came up with ideas for their introduction and conclusion and selected which examples of direct and indirect speech they wanted to include. The children showed lots of knowledge and eagerness leading up to this piece of work so fingers crossed I will be reading some fantastic pieces of writing over the weekend.

In Maths we have been building upon our fantastic factor knowledge from the previous week to confidently solve problems to do with common factors. We then built upon this understanding by introducing the children to the terminology of prime numbers and composite number where the children firstly identified all 25 prime numbers up to 100. Once we became confident with the new language, the children were then given problems involving identifying prime factors and sum of prime factors. They were also introduced to factor trees to help the class visually see the prime factors and solve further problems and prove and disprove statements.

In topic the class learnt about the discovery, the purpose and the significance of oracle bones. The class learnt about Wang Yirong and his discovery in 1889 of how ancient dragon bones he purchased was in fact oracle bones which were inscribed with writing which told him about the ancient Chinese civilisation of the Shang Dynasty. The children learnt about the correct order of steps needed to conduct a divination ceremony and then wrote instructions using their obtained knowledge.

Hola a todos! In Spanish we tested our time telling with the clocks we made previously. We will continue this next week! !Hasta luego!

English: to write a newspaper article.

Maths: to identify and understand the terminology of prime numbers, composite numbers and prime factors.

Friday 6th November 2020

It has been a busy first week back in Willow as we have hit the ground running with our new multiplication and division topic in Maths. We have been using our times table facts to help calculate multiples which started off simply but due to the class being so good at them, the questions were then stretched further beyond their times table knowledge. Later in the week the class impressed me yet again as they were able to calculate factors and were able to challenge themselves with increasingly larger numbers. They were able to apply their knowledge to disprove statements and solve mystery number problems too and began to understand and use common multiples and factors as well which lead us to investigate what are perfect numbers and how many we could find as a class.

In English we learnt about Lila’s ascent to the top of Mount Merapi and how she was able to confront Razvani the fire fiend. The class showed their understanding of language and practised thesaurus skills to improve sentences and spent time identifying adjectives and verbs from an extract of the story. They then used these word choices to form a poem beginning with powerful verbs to describe Lila’s ascent. The class also used their imagination to draw what they believe Razvani would look like and then used powerful language to describe their drawing. Towards the end of the week the children wrote a retelling using lots of detail of the difficulties Lila faced during her encounters in Mount Merapi, focussing on language of time and a continued emphasis of the use of parenthesis.

We have been focussing on our own identity in PSHE to which the children discussed their history, their dreams for the future, what they believe in, important events in their life, important people in their life and their favourite things. The class have also been learning about lots of significant people from black history and their contributions, how those individuals have fought for and made better opportunities for others in the future. I am looking forward to seeing the children’s homework next week on their chosen individual that recognises the contribution made by those of African American descent.

Hola a todos! I trust you all had a fabulous & well-earned break. I am so pleased to be back teaching & seeing some friendly and familiar faces. In Willow class we made our own clocks and practiced asking and telling the time. Qué hora es?

English: to identify multiples and factors.

Maths: to retell a key event in a story.

Friday 23rd October 2020

This week in Willow we began by editing our already impressive Big Write from last Friday as the children found ways to up-level
and improve their diary entry using a range of resources from around the classroom. The class also wrote a chapter summary to
familiarise themselves and recall key details they have recently learnt and then completed a slow writing task to which they had to
focus on very specific sentence types and grammar terminology in each sentence they wrote. The whole class showed fantastic
engagement with the task and produced some brilliant pieces of writing they should all be proud of.
In Maths we continued our learning of our addition and subtraction unit as the children undertook tasks based around inverse
operations, using rounding to estimate calculations and solving multistep problems. The class worked hard at deciphering key
information being asked of them to ensure they were able to work out the particular order they had to calculate in and persisted well
in their understanding of how to use the given information correctly.
On top of all these lessons, the children have done excellently as they completed their first set of assessments of the year in Spelling,
Punctuation and Grammar, Maths and Reading. I will be sharing the children’s results in their parent’s evening reports after half
This week in topic we discussed the religious aspects of the Shang Dynasty and their beliefs surrounding the afterlife. We found out
how they worshipped their dead ancestors, how sacrifices took place, how burials varied based on their social status and how the
King was worshipped and treated as if a god. After learning about this information the children produced posters to share what they
had learnt which will be going up on display in their classroom as well as in their book.
Well done on everyone for completing your first half term back in school, I hope you all have a lovely restful break next week and
I’ll look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces upon your return.
English: to use a range of sentence types and grammatical features
Maths: to solve multi-step problems

Friday 16th October 2020

This week in Willow Class we have been learning about what happens next to Lila as she has left her village after being told she can’t be a firework maker. Lila had to travel through the jungle and we used descriptions from the story and images to create our very own setting description of what Lila could see, hear, feel and sense during her journey through. We have also spent time understanding and learning how to use parenthesis in our work to show additional information that we wish to include. In our first session the children used brackets, dashes and commas to identify the extra information and then in the following session the class looked for possible positions in sentences where they could include their parenthesis and came up with their own ideas for the additional information. Towards the end of the week we planned and wrote a diary from Lila’s perspective in which we wrote about her experiences of leaving the village, travelling through the jungle and encountering pirates before continuing her journey to Mount Merapi.

In Maths the class completed their work on negative numbers by performing addition and subtraction calculations across zero using a numberline and they solved worded problems which used negative numbers in real life context. We then began our learning on addition and subtraction where we recalled place value skills, bar models and whole part models in order to solve calculations. The children also encountered worded problems where they were encouraged to check through and underline important information in order to determine what calculation they will be doing and the significant numbers.

In PE we have been building up our repertoire of passes over the last few weeks (bounce pass, chest pass and shoulder pass) and this week we added more elements of movement where the children were encouraged to use space around them before receiving the pass. We then added in an additional person to the group to act as a defender which made the children think about working backwards as well as forwards in order to get to their final target.

In Science we have begun to understand what thermal conductors and insulators are and what it means to be one. We discussed why it is important to have both conductors and insulators in our homes and we began to plan out how we can use this knowledge to design various items. The class spoke of how some materials would be more beneficial than others and began to identify ways of how we could conduct a fair test using equipment around us. Well done Willow Class on another good week of hard work and I hope you all have a nice weekend!

English: to understand and use parenthesis / to write a diary entry.

Maths: to add and subtract numbers above 4 digits.

Friday 9th October 2020

We are back! It has been wonderful to see all your smiling faces back in school doing your very best in your work and playing with your friends once again. In Maths we have focussed on rounding numbers both in and out of school and I can tell that the class have developed a real confidence in their understanding of the concept as we gradually built up to solving more complex questions and the class are now able to round to any degree of accuracy with numbers up to one million. Towards the end of the week we have begun to conclude our place value topic by completing fluency questions along with problem solving and reasoning calculations dealing with negative numbers as the children identified placements of numbers on number lines and calculated differences between two numbers either side of zero.

In our English we returned to our novel the Firework Maker’s Daughter where the children demonstrated their understanding of dialogue as they up-levelled a conversation between Lila and her father and the children were encouraged to add more descriptive detail to their reporting clause. We also were introduced to two new characters (Chulak and Hamlet) and wrote predictions about them based on our initial impressions and then came up with advertisement slogans based around the Shang Dynasty that Chulak could scribe onto Hamlet in charcoal in order to make some more money. We ended the week by finding out that Lila had run away and left her dad a note to which we wrote a response as if we were him to warn her of the unknown dangers she is about to face.

In our topic lessons we learnt about the social hierarchy of the Shang Dynasty and discussed the significance of each person’s role and how they fitted in the system. We also imagined what it would be like to be involved in some of these roles and explained how we would act and what would be the consequence of some of our chosen actions. The children brought to discussion lots of very interesting points and it is evident that they have taken a keen interest in this period of time as they have done lots of additional research during their time away from school which has greatly enhanced their knowledge so well done to you all!

Spanish: Hola a todos! I welcomed back Willow class with a continuation of our 'Tabla del cinco' - 5X tables, where we danced, sang and practiced our multiples of 5 in Spanish in preparation for next week's topic - telling the time. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

English: To round to any degree of accuracy up to one million.

Maths: To write in the role of a character.

Friday 2nd October 2020

I would like to say a massive well done to each and every one of you in Willow Class for transitioning to online learning so seamlessly. I have nothing but praise for you in the way you have managed to learn to navigate around Purple Mash and adapted to a brand new learning platform with hardly any input from myself so you should be very proud of yourselves.

I am so pleased to see so many of you displaying independence and perseverance when completing your tasks and it fills me with joy to see lots of lovely work popping up in my inbox. In my eyes you all are stars so you are all going to be Star of the Week this week!

By the time the newsletter has gone out you will have completed one whole week of learning and you will only have two more days of learning online left. Well done you have been amazing and keep up the hard work because it won’t be long again until we are all back in the classroom completing our learning amongst our friends.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces on Wednesday!

Friday 25th September 2020

This week in Willow Class we have built upon previous place value knowledge by basing our work on numbers up to one million. The children have recognised value of digits, worked on reading and writing answers in their worded form, used comparison symbols to compare and order the larger numbers and begun to revisit rounding skills to boost our confidence even further. The children have demonstrated a more thorough approach to their reasoning skills which has been pleasing and are now able to convey their thoughts in a much clearer way.

In our English lessons we began the week by editing our human rights poems that we produced as part of our Big Write by finding further ways to improve them (even though the standard and ideas were fantastic to read). We introduced the children to a new book ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ which links nicely to our topic work of being set in Ancient China. The children completed inference and deduction work using just the front cover, we learnt about different ways of opening a story and wrote an alternative opening in a few paragraphs, we wrote a character description of the protagonist Lila and we up-levelled and improved a conversation between Lila and her father.

In Computing the class began their e-safety module by reminding each other of the different ways to keep ourselves safe while working online and we began to make plans for creating a stop-motion video to present one of the e-safety rules to share with the Year 3s. We also had a mature discussion about different age ratings of different apps and games using the NSPCC website. This helped explain to the children what safety features each app had, information about the privacy and location settings, how they dealt with blocking and dangers and the content that was common on the app which all contributed to the given age ratings.

Later in the week the children were introduced to our new online learning platform, Purple Mash, and given their login details. The class were given a brief tour of the site, they were shown how homework will be set and how they would need to respond by completing and uploading tasks.

Hola a todos! In Spanish we added 30- 50 to our numbers with La fabulosa tabla del cinco song, very catchy. We also played some fun games. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

Maths:  To use place value skills up to one million.

English: To up-level and improve a part of a story.

Friday 18th September 2020

This week in Willow has again whizzed by in a flash again as we have had a very busy week. In Maths we have been working on
rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, ordering and comparing numbers and counting on in powers of 10. As we have
progressed, the children have been gradually challenged with more digits as we have moved towards reading, writing and
understanding all digits up to 1 million. The class have begun to improve and rise to the reasoning and problem solving challenges
we have set in class and they have all increased their confidence and speed in their daily fluency tasks of ‘Todays Tough Ten’.
In English we have continued to draw inspiration from our PSHE class book ‘Here We Are’ where we discussed and created posters
of our strategies for when we find things tough and how we can improve our well-being. We also looked at a page which displayed
people in a range of different roles, from different backgrounds, races and of different colours and spoke about recent news topics
of racism and the black lives matter movement. Using this we drew ourselves how we wanted to be perceived and shared a picture
book of human rights and spoke of how we all have equal rights. This book inspired us to plan and write a poem as part of our Big
Write to which we wrote a poem with a repetitive structure, rhyme and our own interpretations of our rights that are important to
In topic we began to discuss what we knew and what we think we could infer from our initial ideas of the Shang Dynasty. We shared
ideas from each other and built upon each other’s thoughts and then wrote questions on what we wished to learn over the term in
this topic. In Science we recapped previous learning from last week and planned how each test would be conducted fairly. The class
then drew their results table in preparation for testing the materials in the future and then wrote predictions which the children
backed up using sufficient scientific evidence that they knew.
Well done to you all! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend 😊
Maths: to order and compare numbers / to count on in powers of 10.
English: to write a poem on human rights.

Friday 11th September 2020

Hello everybody and welcome back to school after a long anticipated wait! We have been settling back into good routines in Willow Class and the children have been progressively impressing me more and more as the week went on.

This week in Maths we begun the week by sharing our previous knowledge of place value so I was able to see what we were good at as a class and what we will need to improve in the coming weeks. The class then undertook lessons in understanding values of digits up to 10,000, Roman numerals and Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 where we practised fluency skills, problem solving activities and reasoning explanations. We will continue to practise our reasoning in particular to ensure that enough detail and precision is included when responding to these type of questions.

In English the children were introduced to the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers to which we will complete a short unit of work over the next few weeks. Using this text, we will draw many PSHE links to help us adapt to coming back into school, reflect on how our experiences we faced while we were away from school affected us and discuss other issues going on in the wider world today. We begun the week by discussing our favourite places and we thought deeply about special people in our lives. The class confidently shared lots of great ideas and produced some really nice poems about where we feel comfortable and wrote letters to say how wonderful it is to have these lovely people / pets that we can rely on. We also used an image from the book to and helped each other up level each other’s language and description and then later in the week we wrote persuasive, formal letters to state how we wish for our planet to be less polluted.

We have been doing lots of PSHE activities too throughout the week where we have discussed our network of support for when we have worries, our attituded towards friendships and our feelings towards being back in school.

In Science we have begun our topic of properties and changes of materials by defining key terms of processes and then designed our own tests on how we would test some of them.

I am pleased to announce that this week’s ‘Star of the Week’ winners are Chloe and Jack. I have chosen Chloe because she has done brilliantly settling in to her new class and has done really well to establish friendships too. Jack has been chosen because he has been very conscientious in his spelling work and has shown a good work attitude across the whole week. My respect and tolerance core value award goes to Scarlett this week as she always listens so attentively and she never fails to remember her manners which, in my eyes, is a very important trait.

I hope everyone has had a good first week and I look forward to seeing you all next week. Have a lovely weekend!



The final week for Willow Class - 2019 - 2020


Friday 17th July 2020

We have had another successful and fun week of learning in Willow Class – I can’t believe we now only have 2 days left!

In English, our book Floodland became more action packed as Eel Island was invaded by several tribes and attacked. Luckily Zoe and Munchkin were able to escape the island in time but were then facing dangerous conditions at sea. At the beginning of the week we debated a character’s decision deciding initially who Zoe should take with her when she makes her escape and we empathised with different character’s feelings at different parts of a chapter to see how they developed and changed. Later in the week the class completed a comprehension task on a chapter and discussed how two characters were similar and different. It will be exciting to see how the story will conclude next week!

In Maths the class have done brilliantly in learning a new multiplication method to help their efficiency when calculating. They were able to successfully use the long multiplication method to calculate 4 digit numbers times 1 digit numbers and then gradually build up towards calculating 4 digit numbers times 2 digit numbers. Once confident in calculating they were able to use these skills to solve word problems and reasoning questions.

In our afternoon tasks, the children responded to a piece of music by drawing the images that came to them while listening to the piece and they also completed a Scratch project in their computing task where they coded their own superhero. In this week’s geography we learnt all about Africa. We looked at the countries, cities, fauna, flora and other key geographical features found in the environment. The class produced some brilliant science experiments where they chose from producing homemade lava lamps, growing their own rainbow and investigating density where they made different layers of liquids.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone for the last few days!

Mr Brown

Friday 10th July 2020

It has been lovely to have Willow back for their first full week in school and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. We have continued to read Floodland in our sessions and used the ideas from the story to write a letter of advice to help give suggestions on how Zoe could survive and potentially escape the island away. Once we found out that escaping would be more tricky than we first thought, we wrote a persuasive argument for Zoe to help inspire others to rise up against the atrocities that Dooby has established on the island. The children made some very compelling cases and some chose to read there work aloud which was done with confidence.

We also had a great time at move up morning as the children managed to spend time with Miss Peck and Miss Houghton. It was wonderful to see most of the class reunited as one whole group again after being away from each other for so long and they had good fun doing word orienteering, having a dance along and playing games in their group. The children also wrote a letter to their new class teachers to introduce themselves further and they produced an all about me spiral to share their personality in a creative way.

In Maths we progressed onto common factors, square numbers, cube numbers and prime numbers. The children also enjoyed being stretched with additional challenges evolving around these such as finding abundant numbers, spotting patterns between sequential numbers and adding prime numbers to make square numbers.

In our afternoon subjects the children created some brilliant compositions inspired from a video clip from Wallace and Gromit, they created some lovely Spanish posters about a festival in Cadiz and some very informative leaflets about visiting Canada.

I am very proud of everyone’s attitudes to learning as you all continue to impress me with your knowledge, skills and determination to succeed and I am looking forward to another excellent week with my Willow Class!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Brown

Friday 3rd July 2020

Thank you Willow for a brilliant week of learning. You have done really well in your Maths as you were able to successfully show me your knowledge of basic place value, Roman numerals, multiples and factors. It was great to see so many of you displaying confidence in your Maths knowledge.

In English the class have found out more information from the story Floodland. It turns out escaping from Norwich may have not been the best idea as the new people Zoe have met are horrible and she is now trapped on the island after her boat was hidden away from her. The class started the week by drawing an image based on a description of the cathedral and then asked characters questions and predicted their responses. Later in the week the class wrote opinions on the different characters and completed comprehension questions on a chapter.

In one of our afternoon tasks the children were set a challenge to draw raccoons by Mrs Woodard to which we were both impressed with the efforts and eye for detail. I was also impressed with the creative array of tasks that I received on Friday as the children were able to choose from a menu of activities.

It has been truly wonderful seeing so many of Willow Class come back into school again this week and the children had a lot of fun completing lots of active sessions alongside their friends. The children completed visual orienteering where they collected letters to which they then needed to rearrange to form animal names, they took part in a nature scavenger hunt and they enjoyed some fun PE sessions too despite the rain interruptions.

The children also took part in some PSHE activities where they discussed about their time away from school and opened up about their feelings. The children spoke confidently and I appreciated their honesty.

I can’t wait to see everyone again next week and I hope to see even more of you during your transition morning next Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Brown

Friday 26th June 2020

This week in Willow we returned to our more traditional learning after our alternative residential week. In English we begun our new book Floodland which we have set the challenge of finishing before term ends (good job its only a short book!) We started off by learning that the story is based around the character Zoe and her experiences of being left behind by her parents and her escape from the rising floods that have engulfed Norwich. The class discussed the new book by answering questions, writing opinions on the book with reasoning and wrote a character profile on Zoe by stating about what we’ve already learnt about her in the early stages of the story.

Later in the week we learnt Zoe left Norwich and came across a new island to which the class wrote predictions on what they thought would happen next on this mysterious island and then wrote an extended piece of writing on one of their chosen predictions.

In Maths we revisited addition and subtraction work where we practised adding and subtracting numbers in columns, used rounding estimations to help with calculations, used inverse operations and solved multistep problems. This was practised with a blend of fluency, problem solving and reasoning to ensure we were confident with these skills.

In our afternoon work the children did some great comparative writing as we looked at the similarities and differences between the UK and the Caribbean, especially those children who created some great presentations. I also enjoyed seeing the children’s understanding of life cycles of amphibians and insects in science work. Well done to all those children who have already completed their work for our collaborative art project – I will look forward to receiving all the remaining cube pictures and I will hopefully be able to start arranging them next week.

I am very excited to see all the returning class members from next Wednesday – it will be amazing to see you all after our three months away from school!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Mr Brown

Friday 19th June 2020

It has been a brilliant week of learning in Willow class and I think it is clear to say everyone has had lots of fun whilst completing their work. To start the day, the class have engaged with PE activities where they had to complete exercises related to lots of different problems.

In Maths, the class have completed problem solving activities by completing various code breaker activities and a Harry Potter themed orienteering task. 

The class have also completed several PSHE tasks where they designed their own 'Huff monster' and wrote down coping strategies to support themselves for when they need to calm down and then later in the week they reflected upon all the different things they are grateful for in their lives. I really enjoyed reading your responses to these as I could tell you all put a lot of thought into your answers.

In English, the children demonstrated great knowledge to solve a mystery using clues related to spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. They also completed a spelling orienteering task and wrote some creative writing pieces where the class imagined what it would be like if they shrunk smaller than a tiny ant using the trailer from 'Honey I shrunk the kids' as inspiration. In addition to this we  planned an imaginary adventure, thinking carefully what we'd pack to help us survive and then on the following day we described how we would avoid theoretical dangers using the equipment we packed to help us survive.

Our afternoon tasks have been very outdoors based and creative using lots of natural resources to build dens and produce artwork. The class even built our own kites to fly - I loved getting to see all the pictures and videos of your flying them! 

Thank you once again for a wonderful week, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mr Brown

Friday 12th June 2020

Another week has flown by in Willow Class! Well done for being so brilliant with your learning, it’s always enjoyable to read all the great pieces of work you produce.

This Week in Maths the class have continued their work on statistics by reading and interpreting tables by extracting all the important information in order to solve problems. They then progressed onto applying their previously learnt skills to retrieve data using two way tables. To complete the week the children revisited timetables where they successfully read the information displayed in the table and solved time difference questions where they practised adding and subtracting involving time.

In our English work we finally finished Cosmic and finished off the story by writing a ‘what do you think happens next’ and a setting description of where the character’s crash when they arrive back to Earth. Later in the week the children analysed how the characters changed throughout the story and then wrote a book review – it was very pleasing to see so many of you enjoyed the story! Finally the children completed a newspaper report which reflected upon the exciting and surprising conclusion of the story.

I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely collage work that you produced which reflected and show off your interests and personalities – we have definitely got some talented artists in our class.

I also liked hearing your music performance recordings that were produced in response to Steve Reich’s work.

Please lookout for the activities for next week as the timetable activities are slightly different but in a way I am sure you will all appreciate and approve of!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 5th June

Well done Willow on a good first week back after half term, it has been lovely to interact with you all again and to see some great work uploaded. 

In our English work, the children wrote predictions as to why the characters in the story had to go to the moon and then wrote leaflets about visiting the moon where they included lots of interesting facts using resources. Following this, the class wrote entertaining descriptions of what they thought the water fight on the moon would look like and then practised a variety of sentences using higher level punctuation. The children then ended the week by writing how they thought a telephone between Liam and his Dad would go considering his Dad thought Liam was in the Lake District, not orbiting the moon!

In Maths the class got to grips with line graphs by answering questions about data presented in a line graph, drawing line graphs and using line graphs to solve problems. These tasks involved lots of careful reading and calculations in which the class really showed a lot of understanding.

It was great to see lots of children get involved with the practical side of Science this week by getting a cutting of a plant prepared in the aim it will produce roots in a few weeks time and we can have our own clones of the original plant. 

I think I can confidently say that everyone’s favourite activity from this week was creating the family activity jar for our PSHE work. The children have written lots of lovely activities that the whole family can get involved in whether it be something that can be done right now or something that they can look forward to once lockdown restrictions have been lifted. Either way I’m sure lots of people will have fun participating together and enjoying lots of well-earned family time together. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mr Brown

Friday 22nd May 2020

Wow I can’t believe we are at half term already, time has really flown by in the last 5 weeks!

Willow Class have been amazing as usual at producing lots of wonderful pieces of work with them really getting to grips with coordinates, reflection and translation in their Maths.

Meanwhile in our English sessions the children wrote the end of a chapter, predicting how it would end after Mr Brown had paused reading Cosmic. Then the following day the children watched the rest of the chapter being read to them so they knew what actually happened and then analysed how their writing was similar or different. Later in the week the children did a great job of using dashes in sentences, they gave advice to a character on how to help him deal with some troublesome children and produced some well thought out arguments to convince a character they were in space.

The children have enjoyed a range of afternoon activities this week such as producing some accurately drawn flowers to which they labelled and explained it’s significant parts as part of their new topic of living things and their habitats. The class also produced some brilliant pieces of art work based around shape and the work of Bruce Gray and did some lovely presented fact files on a South American country of their choice. My highlight of the week was the PSHE work where the children demonstrated strong levels of maturity in opening up about their experiences of home learning and how they feel for when they eventually return to school.

I hope everyone has a lovely restful week off and that we continue to receive lots of warm sunny weather.

Mr Brown

Friday 15th May 2020

his week Willow class have been impressing myself as they got to grips with work on angles and shapes.  The class learnt about lots of facts on angles and were able to successfully calculate angles on a straight line and around a point using facts that were already given. Later in the week, the class successfully applied their previously learnt knowledge as they moved onto working out angles and lengths in shapes using given facts and then were able to use these skills to distinguish between regular and irregular shapes.

In this week’s instalment of Cosmic, the children listened to how Liam and the rest of the children blasted off into space and then how disaster broke out as a button combination was pressed incorrectly causing the rocket to fly off course. The children completed a comprehension task to assess their knowledge of the three chapter read to them and then learnt how to write some great atmospheric pieces of writing of the rocket launch. Later in the week, the class summarised what went wrong in space and then learnt how to write three different sentence types, including an alternative way to using a dash, which we will practise further next week! The children then rounded off the week by writing a diary entry but from a different character’s perspective in order to capture alternative viewpoints.

One of my highlights from this week was receiving lots of pictures of delicious looking dishes that the class produced as part of their Spanish tasks. I could tell you all had a great time cooking with your families just from the photos.

Mrs Woodard and I have also been impressed with how well the visual diaries are coming along as the children rose to the challenge of working on making their work more 3D. It was a challenging task and the children did really well showing a great understanding of tone and perspective.

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and keep up the continued hard work as we go into our final week until half term.

Mr Brown

Thursday 7th May 2020

nother week of home learning has just flown by in Willow Class with the children showing their very best as per usual in their home learning. The class completed work on their most recent instalment of ‘Cosmic’ by designing and writing birthday cards for a character, writing instructions for a party game,  predicting what went wrong during the children’s journey in space, describing and explaining what personal items they would choose to take on a journey to space and writing a persuasive advert for ‘The Dandelion’ ride. Both Mrs Taylor and I were very impressed with the level of persuasion as you were able to use a range of different features to convince us to go on this ride.

In Maths the class completed problems based around time where they converted between 12 and 24 hour times, minutes and seconds, minutes and hours and days and weeks. It is also great to see so many children trying the Problem of the day challenge too considering it is an optional task and it just shows how much all of you wish to challenge yourself and extend your learning.

Also this week Senora Anderson shared some Spanish recipes with the children to help teach the children a little more about Spanish culture. We are both looking forward to seeing pictures uploaded of you and your family cooking and enjoying eating Spanish cuisine  

One of my personal highlights this week has been getting to speak to members of the class over the phone. It was so nice to hear lots of familiar voices and learn about what they’ve been up to while off school and it was reassuring for myself that despite being off from school for so long they were upbeat and positive in everything they shared with me.

I hope you all have a lovely extra long bank holiday weekend and enjoy some family time before we start our next week of fun-filled learning

Mr Brown


Friday 1st May 2020

Willow have continued to produce lots of wonderful pieces of work in their home learning this week.

The class have demonstrated a great understanding of converting between metric and imperial measurements by firstly practising mental maths strategies which would help support them in their calculations later in the week for their conversions. Using approximate conversions, the children successfully converted between cm and inches, a range of capacity measurements and a range of weight measurements to which they were able to use their fluency skills to solve problems.

In their English work the children learnt that Liam was feeling homesick and later found out that he would now be going to space after Mr Xanadu had been caught stealing information from Dr Drax. The children started the week by completing a comprehension activity to see how well they listened to Mr Brown’s reading. Next the children wrote an additional conversation between Liam and his mum to check up on how he is and then the class wrote a police interview with Mr Xanadu to find out even more information about why he stole Dr Drax’s flight simulator plans. At the end of the week the children wrote for and against statements to give reasons as to why Liam should go to Space or not which was followed by a letter written to Dr Drax from Liam to explain that he is just a child and shouldn’t have all the responsibility of looking after the other children.

In our afternoon activities the children enjoyed completing a practical refraction investigation in science, practised shading and adding 3D elements to drawings in art and used maps and the internet to practise their locational geography work.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend break and I look forward to hearing from everyone next week.

1st April 2020

Willow Class have been brilliant and so adaptable in completing their tasks and uploading them to Seesaw. For English, the class have successfully practised spellings, completed a reading comprehension task, up-levelled sentences, listened to me read a chapter of Cosmic, written poems, written a book recommendation, written letters to our favourite author (one child even sent their letter to the author and got a response) and wrote and edited an adventure story.

In Maths the children have been working through a different set of problems each day as their starter activity and then completed tasks on perimeter and area to do with fluency, problem solving and reasoning.

Our afternoon work consisted of sharing and asking questions to do with our new science topic of light, explaining how day and night works, creating an information poster about the five pillars of Islam, listening to the composer Gustav Holst, writing facts about his work and drawing/painting a picture based in response to his performance of ‘Mars’.

You have worked incredibly hard and Mrs Taylor and I are very proud of all the class. Have a well deserved break over the weekend so you are ready to start the final three days of learning before Easter.

Mr Brown