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Oak Class Learning and News Blog

Friday 20th November 2020

In English this week, we have started a new book, The Diver’s Daughter, A Tudor Story, by Patrice Lawrence from the Voices series … ‘a series of gripping adventures that reflect the authentic unsung stories of our past.’  It’s a fantastic read and full of exciting and evocative language that captures the essence of the Tudor period. We have examined Patrice Lawrence’s use of personification to describe the River Thames and tried to emulate her writing with our own descriptions. We have also looked at what we have learnt so far, in the first few pages about our heroine in the story, Eve, using deduction and inference.

We have moved on to Multiplication this week, multiplying whole numbers by 10 and 100. The children seemed to pick this up very quickly so we ventured into multiplying numbers with decimals. We have also looked at multiplying by 0 and 1. We have completed word problems and explained our reasoning.  We have also looked a dividing by 10.  Homework on Purple Mash this week is based on that and some estimation for multiplication using rounding.

In History, we looked at a Tudor etching depicting Henry VIII’s break with Rome and his taking control of the Church of England. This generated lots of discussion about symbolism in the picture and how we could determine who the artist supported. We also discussed how the picture might have been different had the artist supported the Pope instead.  Next week we will be looking at Henry’s wives in more detail. In preparation for that, there is a task on Purple Mash to write a profile of ONE of his wives. In Science with Mrs Siddall, l the children extended their knowledge of the digestive system in other animals and birds and the reason for any difference with the human digestive system. Mrs Siddall is hoping to have the children create their own digestive system simulation using nylon tights (all will become clear) So, if you have any old nylon tights at home, please could you send them in.

Hola a todos! In Oak class we practiced our Spanish dates with authentic Spanish video and calendars and even a speed recall game and Noah was most definitely star of the day for me! Hasta luego!

Thank you for booking a telephone consultation for next week. If you haven’t already and wish to talk to me, I do have some slots left for Wednesday and Thursday. 

English: to use personification in my descriptions.

Maths: to multiply whole numbers by 1 and 0, to multiply whole numbers and decimals by 10 and 100

Friday 13th November 2020

In English this week we have been looking at character descriptions. We started by reading the description of a Hobbit. The children then drew a Hobbit from the description and annotated it using expanded noun phrases. We used inference to identify features of his character.  Then the children were given a picture of Maltravers, the indoor gamekeeper, from Goth Girl and the Ghost Mouse, Using their knowledge of his appearance and character from the book, the children wrote His description. Their Homework this week is to write a detailed character description of someone they know, it could be a member of their family or a friend or neighbour.

In maths we have moved on to multiplication. We have started by multiplying whole number by 10 using our knowledge of place value to move the digits one place to the left and put a zero in the 1s column to hold the place open. We even looked at how we could use this method to multiply decimals by 10.

We have been looking at Henry VIII and his six wives. The children learnt about the circumstances of his marriages and his quest for a male heir and the fate of his poor wives once they had elicited his displeasure. They learnt a little rhyme to help them remember their fates.

In science this week, the children learnt the correct scientific vocabulary for the different parts of the digestive system in humans and the function of each part.

On Friday, we had an absolutely jam packed day. Joining in with Joe Wickes’ fitness finale in the morning. We then continued our PSHE work on 5 to Thrive which focusses on wellbeing. The children really enjoyed completing a ‘grounding meditation’ session before working on the ‘Connect’ section of 5 to thrive. The children’s objective was to complete conversations with some very funny questions as prompts, such as ‘Would you rather live in space or live underwater? Why?’ We discussed of the importance of asking why at the end of questions and how this can open new communication. We were really proud how involved the children got with all of the PSHE work today- well done guys, you are all superstars!

Hola a todos! In Spanish we revised our days of the week and continued embedding our months. We will continue this next week! !Hasta luego!

English: to use expanded noun phrases and ambitious vocabulary to write a detailed character description.

Maths: to multiply whole numbers up to four digits by 10.

Friday 6th November 2020

It was lovely to see all the children after the half term break. It’s been another busy week. We completed our Maths assessments this week on number and place value and addition and subtraction. We have been able to go through both papers with the children and correct them together. This is a very valuable teaching opportunity and also helps us to identify any misconceptions or gaps in knowledge.

The children had the opportunity to edit their BIG Write on their descriptions of the ‘Broken Wing’ in the style of a gothic novel. I thoroughly enjoyed marking them and it was a style of writing that all the children seemed to enjoy.

The children have begun a new topic in science, Animals Including Humans, where they were introduced to the digestive system. They were asked to draw and label their own diagram using their existing knowledge and vocabulary. In history we have introduced the very colourful and infamous King Henry VIII. We learnt about the kind of man he was and what kind of king he became.  We will explore his reign in further detail next week.

In PE the children have begun developing their own gymnastic sequences comprising a range of elements they have learnt over last half term. The children were really engaged and enthusiastic to share their sequences.

Homework on purple Mash this week is addition and subtraction word problems.

Hola a todos! In Oak class today we learned our months/meses and sang a very happy cumpleanos feliz to Molly!

English:  To edit my writing to improve it.

Maths:  To solve 1 and 2 step addition and subtraction work problems

Friday 23rd Ocotober 2020

In English this week we have continued reading Goth Girl and the Ghost Mouse by Chris Riddell. Using our knowledge of
expanded noun phrases, the children have begun to write a detailed description of the ‘Broken Wing’, a haunted and neglected wing
of Ghastly Gorm Hall where the story is set. They had a rather grainy and dark photo of the corridor of the Broken Wing, as a
stimulus. The children also completed their Reading Comprehension Spelling and Grammar assessments as well.
We have moved on this week to subtraction. The children have been subtracting a 4 digit numbers from 4 digit numbers, with and
without regrouping. They will have their Maths assessment on place value, addition and subtraction on our return from half term.
Henry VIII was the focus of our history topic this week. A very different and much more flamboyant and colourful character than his
father, Henry VII. The children were very interested and demonstrated a lot existing knowledge about Henry VIII. We will continue
to learn about Henry VIII after half term.
In Art this week the children worked with Mrs Woodard on colour mixing techniques again in preparation for painting their own self
portrait in watercolours.
I have set homework on Purple Mash this week. There is an additional art/DT project to make a Tudor house. I know several children
in the class have already started as a result of their younger siblings doing a similar task as part of their great fire of London Topic.
These models don’t have to be too large and it is not mandatory to bring them into school BUT I would very much like to see a
photograph of their models to display and stick in their Topic books.
This has been a very busy half term but great fun and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed getting to know all your children.
They are a great little class. Have a relaxing and well deserved half term break.
English: To use expanded noun phrases in a setting description.
Maths: To subtract a 4 digit number from a 4 digit number with and without re grouping.

Friday 16th October 2020

We have finished off the English unit on Newspaper reports this week with editing their big write. I was very pleased with the final pieces and even more pleased after their editing. We have started a new unit on the Gothic genre. We have begun reading Goth Girl and the Ghost Mouse by Chris Riddell. We have already identified the features of a Gothic novel and developed expanded noun phrases and preposition phrases. 

In maths we have been looking at adding numbers up to four digits without and with exchanging. They have even tackled some pretty tricky problem solving and reasoning. 

We have also concluded looking at the reign of Henry VII by looking at his achievements. He brought peace to England, by uniting the houses of York and Lancaster and ending the War of the Roses; opening up trade routes with France and the Netherlands and smoothing relations between Spain and Scotland by marrying off his Son and Daughter to the offspring their respective Kings. His Legacy was a peaceful and wealthy nation. Next week we will begin to learn about Henry VIII. 

I have uploaded homework, spellings and times tables to Purple Mash.

English:  to write an expanded noun phrase to add more detail in my writing. 

Maths: to add 2, 4 digit numbers without and with exchanges. 


Friday 9th October

We have continued to work up to writing our BIG Write about the Battle of Bosworth as a newspaper article. We have looked at the features and structure of newspaper reports and the children have used a variety of sources to find out more details about the Battle of Bosworth that they could incorporate in their report. We even role played being a reporter, devising probing questions and then the children interviewed each other as participants in the battle.  In History we also began to create a fact file /biography of Henry Tudor, who became King Henry. The children were encouraged to use some of this information as background for their report.

In Maths we have been counting backwards and forwards in thousands from arbitrary numbers. The children then had to find their way through a maze counting on or back in thousands. Finally the children developed their own mazes for their maths partner to solve.  The children can now identify the value of each digit in a number up to 6 digits.

In Art this week the children worked with Mrs Woodard to develop their skills in drawing a self-portrait using the correct proportions. This is in preparation for painting their self-portrait in Tudor costume. In Gymnastics this week we have been learning how to do a cartwheel. I am very impressed at just how many children were able to achieve a really good quality cartwheel. Well done, have a great weekend.

Spanish: Hola a todos! We played another game of trés en raya - noughts and crosses and watched some catchy number song videos. We also learned our numbers up to 29 and looked at the patterns and refreshed our colours through number play. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

English:  To write a newspaper report using all the features

Maths: To count forwards and backwards in 1000s from any given number, to identify the value of any digit in a number up to 100,000s.

Friday 2nd October 2020

The weeks seem to be flying past and we are so busy in school. On Monday we took advantage of the lull in the recent autumnal weather and went out on the field to re-enact what we thought may have happened in Richard III’s Camp on Ambien Hill and Henry’s Camp in Bowman’s Marsh, the night before the big battle.   What would they have been doing? Maybe setting up the camp, building a fire, preparing food, maintaining their weapons, tending to the horses, practising their swordsmanship skills. What might they be discussing? Strategies, worries, fears, practical arrangements in the event that they are on the winning or losing side etc. building on the knowledge they have already learnt about the Battle of Bosworth Field last week.  The children were divided into those on Henry’s side and those on Richards. Then in small groups the children created their own scene with dialogue. I captured some of the action photographically. Back in class the children added dialogue to the photographs using speech bubbles.

In English we have also been looking at features of Newspapers following up on the children’s Homework.  The children created Headlines for a Newspaper report based on the Battle of Bosworth. We had fun with alliteration, puns and exaggeration. In Maths we have been looking at partitioning numbers up to 10, 000 in different ways using place value counters and solving Place value word problems.

In PSHE we have been looking at our support circle and circle of trust. The children have identified those close to them to whom they can talk if they have any worries or concerns. We have completed a review after 3 weeks at school, as to how they are feeling now that they have begun to settle in and have gotten to know myself and Mrs Williams.  Also they have been encouraged to share anything else that may still be worrying them.  The children are always encouraged to share their worries or concerns if they have any. We have a Chatter Box in class where they can write their concern down. The box is checked daily and either Mrs Williams, myself or Miss Houghton will check in with that individual.


Hola a todos!

In Oak class we had lots of fun refreshing our days of the week, our numbers 1-12 with a fun comprehension activity following a video based on numbers and colour recognition and several games of Tres en raya - noughts and crosses!

English:  to identify the features of a Newspaper.

Maths: to partition numbers up to 1000+ in different ways.

Friday 25th September 2020

In Maths we have been reading and writing Roman Numerals and converting to Arabic Numerals. The children really seemed to enjoy this because I don’t think they saw it as maths. We have moved on to look at counting in jumps of 25’s using a number line and ordering and applying to word problems.

Following the BIG Write last week the children have been editing their poems. We have also been looking at expanded noun phrases, the use of proper nouns and the structure of their poems using lines and verses. The children have redrafted their poems and these will be compiled into a class anthology. The children have also had the opportunity to share their poems to the rest of the class.  I am very impressed by the ambitious language and imagery they have used. They have produced some very atmospheric and evocative poetry. 

This week we have learnt about the battle of Bosworth between King Richard III and Henry Tudor, Lord Richmond. I am hoping next week to get the children to do a mini re-enactment on the field. We will be writing an account of the battle as a newspaper report.  They will be doing some research into the features of a newspaper report for Home work this week in preparation. In our gymnastics lesson this week I put the children through their paces and taught them how to do a handstand safely, stating with bunny hops, then extending their legs in the form of a back kick. Most importantly they have been taught how to stop themselves from going over. This technique gave the children the confidence to try and many actually achieved a pretty good handstand. Next week it is forward rolls.

I am trying to get to grips with the new learning platform Purple Mash. The children will soon be issued with their login details. I will (try) to put on a weekly spelling activity using their weekly spellings and there will be an opportunity to practice their tables as well, weekly. As I get more proficient, I hope I will be able to send homework activities home via Purple Mash.

Hola a todos! In Spanish we consolidated our instrucciones by drawing a picture to match each instruction and removing the words and using just the gesture to ensure learning. We also played some fun games. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

English: To use ambitious vocabulary in my poetry, to express my preferences for different poems

Maths: To round numbers to the nearest 10 100 and 1000

Friday 18th September 2020

Here we are again. I feel like the cobwebs have been blown away this week and we have been working incredibly hard.
In Maths we have continued to work on Place Value; rounding 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and word problems
involving rounding. Again, the children have been enthusiastic and worked very hard. So far I am not seeing any significant gaps
and have been able to move the children forward and introduce Y4 learning objectives.
This week in English, we have been preparing for the BIG WRITE. This is linked to the book ‘Here We Are’. We have been thinking
about places that are special to us. We have looked at some beautiful poems and the children identified descriptive vocabulary and
phrases and discussed their preferences and shared their reasons for their choice of favourite Poem. The BIG Write was to write
their own poem about a place that is special to them.
The children have begun a new Topic in Science this week with Mrs Siddall on Electricity and they had a great afternoon investigating
circuits using batteries, buzzers and bells. We have started a gymnastics unit in PE. I will be teaching them many of the elements
required in the sequences for the Y3/4 Gymnastics competition at the end of January next year.
I will be sending Maths Homework this week. It is a game linked to rounding. It says the game requires 30 cubes or counters but
you can use anything e.g. Cheerio’s, stones, buttons etc. There is no need to return the game but if you would like to provide
evidence of the game, you can take a picture and send it via email to the office. I will print it and stick it in their Homework books.
Thank you.
Have a great weekend
English; to use ambitious vocabulary in my poetry and to express my preferences for different poems
Maths; to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000

Friday 11th September 2020

It is wonderful to welcome everyone back to school. I have really enjoyed getting to know your children this first week. I have been really pleasantly surprised at the work they have done. I have not seen any significant gaps in their learning in Maths or English so far. The children have all seemed as happy to be back as I am. They have been smiley and enthusiastic and warm and welcoming.

In Maths we have been looking at Place Value; counting, reading, writing, ordering and representing numbers up to 1000 and beyond. The children have been enthusiastic and worked very hard. I have been impressed by their knowledge and understanding.

In English, we have begun to explore the book ’Here We Are’ by. This has been adopted as a whole school text. It has a very powerful PSHCE thread running through it and we are using this as a vehicle for exploring our feelings and emotions, our support networks and our place in the world. We have imagined our ‘Happy Place’, drawn it and will be writing poems, describing it.

The children have had the opportunity to investigate magnets with Mrs Siddall, who will be teaching Science on a Wednesday afternoon this year. 

Mrs Woodard introduced close observational drawing with the children in art with the focus on observing and recording fine detail. In future weeks the children will be creating self-portraits in the Tudor style.

We have also been busy this week preparing our class scarecrow. Our theme this year is ’Heroes of the Covid Kind’. We have made a Teacher.

 Have a great weekend

Miss Kimberley


L.O. I can identify and express my feelings and emotions.

L.O. I can identify powerful descriptive language in poetry




The final week for Oak Class - 2019 - 2020

Friday 17th July 2020

Dear Parents,

This will be the last news letter from myself this year as your child’s class teacher.

It has been an amazing year and they have been a quite exceptional class in so many respects. It has been a privilege to work with them and see them grow and mature and progress. I have worked them very hard but they have always responded positively and enthusiastically. We have had some fantastic experiences together including the Indus Valley Minecraft project and the Visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester and I will always remember our Class assemblies in which they excelled themselves.

Although our journey has been somewhat interrupted by Covid-19, school closure and Home schooling, it did not dampen your children’s desire to learn and grown and develop. I have been so thrilled by the work that the children have produced throughout. I believe that it has promoted independence, creativity, resilience, self discipline and self motivation in them all.

It has been wonderful to have seen them all back in school in some capacity in the last three weeks and I have very much enjoyed my time with them. We have had lots of fun and laughed a lot together. It is by no means an ideal ending to their year 4 and I am sorry that I haven’t been able to have them all together  to say a proper good bye.

Can I thank you all for your unstinting support   and generosity of myself and the school.  It has been a pleasure getting to know your children and yourselves. I will continue to follow your child’s educational journey throughout the rest of their time at Haslingfield.

Have a wonderful summer break, stay safe and well and enjoy some well earned quality time with your families.

With warmest wishes

Miss Kimberley

Friday 10th July 2020

Another busy week. I know I said that I was easing up on the work front, well I have found that quite difficult. I think being back in school and working with the children in the Key workers group, I am aware that they sometimes complete the work more quickly than anticipated. I know at home the children are able to structure their day differently so don’t worry if the children aren’t finishing all their work at home, they will have the opportunity to finish it next week.   However, as always the children’s responses have been great.

I loved their letters to their future selves in Year 5. It showed just how they have grown up and how reflective they are.  I also forwarded all the children’s letters to Mr Brown. He has had the opportunity to look at them and reported how impressed he was.

I’m sure the children were disappointed to have had their move up morning postponed,  I know Mr Brown was, however I also  know he is really looking forward to meeting them all together next week  as a class.

The feedback generally from the children is that they have really enjoyed the Mystery Maths . These activities  have been great because they have given the children  the opportunity to do some problem solving and reasoning without really realising it.

It is the last full week next week so I will try to give the children some more fun activities.

Thank you to every one for continuing to support your children at home in these very strange times. I hope you are all keeping well. Nearly the Summer break. and some of the children have been telling me that they are going away  on Holiday. I don’t think there has been a year when you have deserved  or needed a break more.  

Have a great weekend

Miss Kimberley

Friday 3rd July 2020

This has been a very busy week and we are beginning the transition period for all classes.

So your children had the opportunity to come back to school in their respective bubbles and enjoy just being in school and re connecting with their friends based around games and Circle time activities with lots of opportunities for the children to just simply chat in person with their friends. The children were incredibly good about ‘social distancing’.

What I really noticed were two things that may not have been as obvious had I seen them daily through this period and that is 1) how that have all shot up in height and filled out. They all looked incredibly well and rested; 2) that the children had matured, just seemed more grown up. All were happy to chat with me about all sorts of Topics. They were smiley and confident and relaxed. We had a lot of fun and there was lots of giggling and laughter.  I think this just confirmed for me that for children at any stage of development, nearly 4 months in any child’s life is a long time in which they undergo many changes physically, emotionally and cognitively. I do think I have seen this development in their work, in the last couple of weeks in particular.

I am still in awe of the continued stream of very high quality work that they continue to submit through Seesaw. I am very busy when at home going through their work.  This weeks highs for me were some of the World Adventures Itineraries, which demonstrated, great planning, research, English and presentation skills. What continues to amaze me is that all were completely different and presented in so many creative ways.  I think this has made me think about being much more open as in how children interpret and present their work in the future.  That having some autonomy has meant that they have developed new skills and attitudes and independent thinking.

Of course you have discovered this week which teachers your children will have next year. Mr Brown is extremely lucky to be taking on the children in Oak. They have written some of the most beautiful and eloquent letters of introduction. I will be forwarding all those completed in school and those sent in on Seesaw to Mr Brown.

Next weeks timetable might look a bit different when you receive it. We have pretty much wound up the Topic now; most of the maths has been revision. Our attentions will turn more to PSHE and Transition themed activities with a bit of spelling and writing, and we can’t leave maths out (it might be more game/quiz based)  thrown in for good measure.

Of course ALL the children will come together (I think in 4 bubbles) on Wednesday morning when they will formally meet Mr Brown as Willow class.  This will take place outside on the school field.

Then on Wednesday, bubbles A and B returners will be in for their morning/afternoon session with Mr Martin. Unfortunately for bubble A, in the morning, I won’t be there for all of it, because I will be meeting my new class.

We are now in the final transition stages and our minds are turning to giving the children a happy ending to their Year 4 experience.

Miss Kimberley

Friday 26th June 2020

Week 11… I think. It’s all beginning to become a bit of a blur now. However, the children are still going strong and never fail to amaze me. I have had some amazing work this week.

I loved the English work especially the diary writing about a day in the life of Anik, the 9 year old Inuit boy. Some of the best writing I’ve seen.

The children have consistently amazed me with their maths. I thought they may struggle with the calculating fractions of quantities but they all seemed to cope admirably judging by the work they have turned in. I hope the video clips helped jog their memories.  I am really reassured that most of the children will cope well, in spite of the past months of school closure, when they do eventually return to school full time.

I hope the children enjoyed the Science experiment. It was fun to set up and I was convinced it would work. I was quite disappointed when it didn’t. But it did raise lots of questions. I’m sure it can be done by concentrating the suns power in some way. I’m open to suggestions.

There was some amazing art work and music as well.

The children visited Canada this week on our Continent Hopping adventure and again they turned in some very exciting and varied work. Technically that is the end of our odyssey. Three more weeks after this one. But don’t worry I have lots of ideas for the coming weeks. I shall keep them busy up to the bitter end.

I am looking forward to seeing some of my class starting next Thursday for some outdoor fun and games.

Miss Kimberley

Friday 19th June 2020

The weeks are rushing by now. Only 4 weeks left after this? Is that right?

The children haven’t let up in their efforts on Seesaw and the work continues to flood in every day.

They have coped really well with the revision of formal column addition and subtraction this week and have turned in some great work. I am constantly trying to find useful resources to support children’s learning and this week I have been directed to Corbett Maths  online, (thank you  to Matthew and Mr Holmes) This is a free resource and their videos are really good judging by the feedback from the children.

On our travels this week we have visited Brazil and learnt a bit about the countries geography and culture and traditions; life in the Favela’s of Rio de Janeiro and of course Carnival. 

The stimulus for English has been linked to Topic and inspired by Favela Street Kid: The story of Little Pele.  This story inspired some excellent descriptive writing and character analysis using the children’s literal and inferential skills. I truly enjoy reading their writing.

This week has been Year 4 Mini Olympics, however it’s been of a damp squib given the dramatic change in the weather. Maybe the children can have a go at the excellent range of activities when the weather gets better.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Phil Golden for all the work he has done in bringing a little bit of Japan to us. All those children who sent off questions for Phil’s friend, Mishima, he has very kindly sent each child a personal response to their question as a PowerPoint. We have also received a video from some children at a Japanese Primary school who have also answered the children’s questions (in English). We have their permission to share this video with the children as long as they are not shared outside of Seesaw.  Mr Golden is contacting the Japanese Teacher to arrange for her pupils to send us some questions about life in the UK. It would be fantastic if we could put together something to send back. So let’s get brushing up on our Japanese.

Next week we are off to Canada (our last destination on our Continent Hopping topic) I planned for 9 weeks because I was sure we would have been back at school by now!!! How wrong was I? Back to the drawing board.

Have a lovely weekend. Let’s hope the weather cheers up.  :D

Friday 12th June 2020

Well this week has raced by. It’s been another busy one.
In English the children have completed two pieces of creative writing, an adventure story and a diary entry. I was delighted with the children’s efforts and shared some with their peers. They also completed a Reading Comprehension about the Lands Rights Activist Eddie Mabo. There was some very reflective answers.
In maths we have revisited Multiplication and Division. You may feel that this was pitched quite low but it is a while since the children have touched on these maths topics so was a gentle reintroduction. The video clips were really helpful in jogging the memory and I was really pleased with the resulting work.
In our final trip around Australia the children have found out about the Great Barrier Reef and other natural geographical wonders including Uluru. They have learn a little bit more about the Indigenous people of Australia and some of their culture and struggles in gaining equal rights.
In Science I was thrilled with the different presentations on endangered animals and their insight into the effect of environmental changes on the worlds habitats and ultimately on the fate of all living creatures.
There was also some amazing Artwork, Music and Spanish.
I have really enjoyed the children telling me what they have been doing when they have not been home schooling and we have had some excellent message exchanges. This is also great for developing their writing skills.
Next week we are off to Brazil in South America.
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Kimberley

Friday June 5th 2020

I have lost count of which week this is now. Each one seems to be merging with the next. I am grateful for Seesaw because it does give me structure and purpose to each day as I’m sure it does for the children. I know that some of your children returned to school this week but the majority are still at home. I am so impressed by how they have all stuck with it and remained positive. I only ever get a positive vibe from the children. I love our little daily exchanges and feel that in some ways I have gotten to know them better. At school I am not afforded the time to really get to know the children much outside their academic progress and attainment. Here we ‘chat’ more and they make me laugh. I am thankful for your children, they have kept me sane.
Still the children amaze me daily with the quantity and quality of their work. They have shown great resilience and stamina. I sometimes think I may be over stretching them but then they come back ready for more.
This week we have visited Australia. I have seen some amazing Art work and Music. Mrs Woodard was online this week and was able to see and comment on the children’s art work. I have created a file to put Music performances in so that Mrs Lihoreau can also access their work.
I have intentionally given children weekly spelling and handwriting tasks and reading comprehensions as these are the nuts and bolts of English and there is something reassuring in having a format the children know, understand and are able to (hopefully) complete independently.
There has also been an opportunity to complete a piece of independent writing. Please encourage the children to edit this piece of work and make at least one improvement to it.
In Maths the children amazed me with how well they have understood Statistics, thanks to Miss Houghton, who taught them this unit of work. All the work they are doing now is revision as we taught most units before lockdown. That’s the beauty of our particular job share. I teach Number Monday to Thursday and Miss Houghton teaches Shape, Space, Measure and Statistics on a Friday. Usually most of the Shape, Space, Measure and Statistics is taught in the summer term.
Next week we will linger a little longer in Australia, as it’s such a big country and still lots to learn and experience.
I would just like to add a huge ‘Thank You’ to Mrs Williams, who, despite of teaching fulltime in Reception with Mrs Chadwick, makes time each day to go through all the children’s work and comments and acknowledges all that they are doing. She is under no requirement to do so BUT has been insistent that she does keep contact with your children.
Have a lovely weekend
Miss Kimberley

Friday 15th May 2020

Another week done and another week in lockdown completed. I can only hope that means another week closer to the passing of this strange time.
The children have continued to amaze me with the quantity and quality of work.
I have seen some amazing work on Kenya this week. I have particularly enjoyed the continued variety in presentations. It is clear that the children have made great efforts in their research. I have really loved their writing, with the origin stories on Tuesday and their diaries on Thursday. They were amazing. I don’t do myself any favours by assigning writing activities as it takes me an age to go through them all BUT having said that it was such a treat to read them and I came away feeling extremely positive on the whole, that your children have continued to make great progress. I also saw evidence that the children were editing their work with greater independence. Please when your child had completed a piece of writing in particular, encourage them to read it to you and edit for spelling and punctuation.
The children revisited time this week, often a tricky concept for some, but I thought all the children coped very well.
The children seemed to enjoy the bug hunting this week and I had some great photos of some creepy crawlies and diagrams and pictures.
The children’s Art really impressed me. I think art is a greatly therapeutic activity and I think it is particularly important that the children take some time out. Some children were quite self-critical of their work, but I loved all of them. I think they are worthy of exhibiting when we do eventually return.
I have noticed that some children have struggled a little more this week and some have been quite despondent. I know they are missing their friends and their usual routines and all the extra-curricular activities, particularly team sports and clubs.
I am always happy to message the children and I would encourage them to communicate their feelings with you at home. If you feel your child would benefit from having a phone call from myself, please contact the office to set up a time. Please also ensure that the children have an opportunity to speak to their friends either over the phone or on face time. There are still some children out there who haven’t spoken to their friends since lockdown commenced. Please reach out to anyone you haven’t heard from.
Only one week more until half term and next week we are off to Japan.
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Kimberley

Thursday 7th May 2020

Another week in Lockdown or as I prefer to think, another week closer to getting back to school and some sense of normality. My highlight this week was speaking on the phone to some of the children in Oak class. They sounded in good spirits and were happy to chat about what they had been doing other than Home Schooling. It was lovely to speak to some of the parents as well.

I also got to speak to Miss Peck and Miss Houghton this week on using Microsoft Teams (my first conference call) which was very exciting.

These contacts seemed to make the week go a little bit quicker as well. I would just say that I know of several children who haven’t had the opportunity, to actually face time or speak to their classmates from school.  This can feel quite isolating for them and I know that they would love to make contact. This might be because they live outside of Haslingfield or just haven’t been at Haslingfield that long and haven’t quite made the network of family connections yet; If your child has a classmate or friend that they haven’t heard from maybe, please could you contact the office to make the necessary arrangements for getting in touch.

Work wise the children have surpassed themselves and I am just compiling a little showcase of work I’d like to share with the rest of the class. What I have been particularly impressed by is the variety of formats and presentations, from posters to leaflets, to time lapse animation, to radio adverts, to video recordings of the retelling of the Hare and the Lion. There were even Lego montages used at illustrations and lots and lots of fabulous cooking; we have a lot of mini MasterChefs in the making. Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have provided your children, they are very lucky to have you there.

I am trying to provide work in line with Year 4 expectations for the summer term particularly in English and Maths. Much of it is revision and application to problem solving and reasoning. There will be some assessments on what we have covered up to the time we are allowed to go back, but nothing they won’t have seen before.

Next week we are off to Kenya on our Continent Hopping adventure. I look forward to seeing all their wonderful work.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.


Friday 1st May 2020

The end of another week and it has sped past. It does feel a bit like ground hog day but the fact that I’m seeing different work every day does help keep me in the moment.
I have been no less impressed with the quality and quantity of work and the children’s seemingly endless enthusiasm. I can only thank you, parents, for the support you have provided the children. I know it is hard work at times trying to juggle family life and working life with home schooling. You do have my sympathy when I think of you playing Mathopoly or cooking Apple Strudel or printing off resources and sorting out technology when there are probably other things you could be doing. BUT you are doing a fabulous job.
I have definitely enjoyed the range of work the children have produced and I hope it has provided the opportunity for them to be creative when presenting their work. I don’t want it to be all worksheet or book based. I have enjoyed the videos, sound recordings, photographs, posters, leaflets, models etc. We don’t always have the time to spend on varying the formats in presentation. I would always encourage children to learn through doing and play.
I have started sharing some of the more novel pieces of work, having gotten the child’s permission and I would like to continue this over the coming weeks. I hope this provides some inspiration.
Whilst it is quite difficult formally marking the work the children download, I do look at every piece before it is approved and I have and will continue to comment and ask children to review and edit work where necessary.
This week we have virtually visited Germany and I hope the children have enjoyed it. Next week we are off to Tanzania and the week after Kenya.
Many thanks again
Miss Kimberley
English: to use persuasive devices to engage and persuade the reader,
Maths: to solve word problems involving money.

Friday 24th Aprl 2020

Welcome back. I hope you managed some downtime with your (immediate) family over Easter and you are all healthy and well.

Week one of the summer term in Oak class complete. I was glad to be back (online) after the Easter break as even being on Seesaw gives you some structure and focus and re engages you with everyone in these very strange times.

I have been so impressed with all the children on their return. They never fail to impress with their sheer enthusiasm and work ethic. I consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful group of children. I hope that Seesaw is working for you and your children at home. I know that getting your children to engage can be challenging at times, especially now the weather is so beautiful, but from my end it looks like you are doing a fantastic job judging by the comments, volume and quality of the work I have reviewed. 

I have seen some amazing work on fractions and decimals this week and I feel quite buoyed by the fact that they have coped so well with it given that this was the last thing that I taught them face to face before the lockdown.  

All the English, outside of the nuts and bolts of spelling handwriting and grammar, will be very much Topic based. So every week or two, we will be moving around the globe and looking at different stories from other cultures. This will include some reading comprehension activities and writing tasks.

We have started our Topic this week of ‘Continent Hopping’, by thinking about home.  The children have sent me some truly wonderful pictures and plans of their gardens; we have looked at the story of the Glass Knight and St George and the Dragon.

In science the children have started to think about grouping animals and it is my hope that your back gardens will become their fieldwork base in coming weeks.

I know these are strange and anxious times and having completed week four (or is it week five???) it’s beginning to grate, I know I’m definitely a little bit stir crazy, but I just want to say, you all seem (from my end at least) to be doing a fantastic job and your children are an absolute credit to you.

English: to create complete and complex sentences to convey detailed information,

to use capital letters for proper nouns.

Maths: to convert between fractions and decimals using tenths and hundredths.

Miss Kimberley


Friday 1st April 2020

What a very strange week!!! However, on the positive note, although there are lots of things that we can’t do because of the Coronavirus, there is so much that we can do, and you have been doing.

For one thing you get to spend real quality time with your families. They in turn get to spend quality time with you, and get to benefit from and your direct support and involvement with their learning.

I have to say, I have been so impressed with all the children this week; by their work ethic, the quantity and quality of the work I have seen and also their creativity. I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos, particularly of the Digestion Investigation, which had me in fits of laughter. I certainly have not been bored or felt lonely this week. I feel very connected in fact, through the Learning Platform, Seesaw and have very much enjoyed trying to find interesting activities that the children would both enjoy and feel challenged by.

I’m sure you have been on a bit of a learning curve this last week or so, I definitely have, and I apologise for any glitches in the system. I have learnt something new about Seesaw every day and it seems to be getting a bit easier to navigate.

I will be following my usual work pattern and will be online Monday to Thursday. Miss Houghton will take over on Friday.

Next week will be the last before we break for Easter. The focus of the week’s activities will be Easter.

I look forward to catching up with you all after the weekend.

Miss Kimberley

English: to use a range of grammatical devices to up level my writing, to read and use a text to answer comprehension questions.

Maths: to find halves and quarters of whole numbers and quantities, to solve word problems involving fractions and decimal