Beech Class Learning and News Blog

Beech Class Learning and News Blog

Friday 20th November 2020

Wow! We have packed so much into this week Beech Class! On Monday we welcomed our first Bikeability session, splitting into three groups and starting our work on the playground. We are so proud that every single child taking part in Bikeability was able to move onto completing their road work on Tuesday. The organisers of Bikeability were so impressed with all the children, commenting on how seriously they took their road safety.

Whilst Bikeability was going on, we worked on a carousel basis, covering our fractions unit, including finding the lowest common multiple, simplifying fractions and using a common denominator to order fractions in both ascending and descending order.

Another focus this week has been PSHE, we have had many discussions about what makes someone a good friend and how we can replicate this in everyday situations. We designed posters to provide younger members of the school with strategies that they can use when someone makes a mistake. We then wrote acrostic poems using words that related to friendship. We were truly blown away by the effort and the vocabulary the children showed us. The poems were powerful and thought provoking and we are looking forward to putting them up around the school for everyone to read. In addition to this, we came up with our own quotes using ‘Don’t judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree.’ All of the quotes were amazing and very thought-provoking but we will end today on this one… ‘Don’t judge a circle on its ability to have a point.’

Hola a todos! In Beech class we learned further vocabulary to describe Cambridge for our continuous geographical theme. Hasta luego!

English: to write an acrostic poem about friendship, to use inference skills to predict what is going to happen in the book ‘The Island.’  

Maths: to simplifying fractions, to order fractions by denominator and numerator

Friday 13th November 2020

We have once again been busy bees in Beech, starting the week off with a discussion about the meaning of Remembrance Day. We talked about what it means to us and why it is important to commemorate those who lost their lives. We then read Flanders Fieldsto the children and asked to talk about how it made them feel, we were really impressed with the childrens use of vocabulary. The children then went on to write their own Remembrance day poems, taking inspiration from Flanders Fields, using short stanzas and a clear rhyming pattern of A,A,B,B. Whilst the children found the rhyming tricky, their poems were full of emotive language, atmosphere and a haunting beauty. We were blown away by what they produced and used parts of every childs poem to create a whole class one called Never Forgotten. The children then each learnt a section of the poem to read out before the 2 minute silence.

In maths this week we began with squared and cubed numbers, moving on to the order of operations and applying these to solve questions using more than one operation. We remembered the order using the acronym BIDMAS. Hopefully the children will be able to tell you what the letters stand for! We ended this week by starting on our fractions unit, we looked at simplifying fractions and revised our understanding of the key words- denominator, numerator, highest common factor and equivalent. Using this we completed a fluency task which encouraged the children to show their working out, which supports all of their answers.

Some more children went out to film their play-leader games and we are really looking forward to being able to share the final videos with the rest of the school to help them make playtimes as active as they can be! In PSHE we have been focussing on the 5 ways to thrive, part of the BBC Children in needs initiative this year. The children took part in Joe Wickes 24 hour fitness finale today, it was lots of fun!

In Spanish we are learning about 'Mi ciudad' and watched two very different videos from different perspectives of and on Cambridge; one was and EF language school promotional video and the other a parcour video. We then brainstormed all the vocabulary that students had noted on their post-its seen in the video.

English: to plan and write a remembrance poem.

Maths: to find squared and cubed numbers, to use BIDMAS to help solve calculations with more than one operation.

Friday 6th November 2020

It was lovely to have the children back after half term week and they have all been keen and raring to go! In English this week, we have been talking about Black history and significant people that the children already know about. The children then had the opportunity to choose and research a significant black person of their choice from either the past or the present. The children thought of a range of people including Mo Farah, Martin Luther King, Malorie Blackman etc. After the children had researched their person they then chose and planned how they were going to present this information. The children chose a range of different ways including posters, fact files, leaflets etc. We were so impressed with the presentation and the quality of the information that the children included in their work and we can’t wait to display them in the corridor and around the classroom- well done Beech! Next week the children will have the opportunity to share what they have found in smaller groups.

In maths, we started the week by finishing off our unit on long division with a particular focus on problem solving. For the rest of the week, the children worked on finding common factors within numbers, common multiples and recognising and using prime numbers. Within all of these areas the children worked on answering problem solving questions linked to these and ensuring that they had shown their working out. The children have worked so hard on their reasoning and showing ways to improve their answers and we are super proud of them!

On Thursday, some of the children started to film their play leader activities ready to send to the different classes across the school to participate in during lunchtimes and playtimes. In PSHE, we have been talking about the changes that are happening around us at the moment and how they impact us. The children spoke about what they already knew, how they felt about it and had the opportunity to ask any questions. They were so incredibly sensible about the situation and we all talked about the positive things that we could do and the things that we are grateful for.

Hola a todos! In Beech class we learned how to ask and answer where we live, incorporating our cardinal points. Dónde vives?

Vivo en Haslingfield etc. Hasta luego!

Another incredible week- thank you Beech class!

English: to write an information text.

Maths: to find common factors, common multiples and prime numbers

Friday 23rd October 2020

This newsletter brings us to the end of our first half term together in Beech Class. So, we would like to begin by saying a huge thank
you to our wonderful Year 6’s, for their enthusiasm, positive attitudes and desire to learn, despite the new challenges that we have
all faced.
As with all our weeks we have been incredibly busy, beginning with writing our own newspaper reports based on a key event of
World War 1, some children chose to write about the Christmas Truce or The Black Hand and Franz Ferdinand. The children worked
really hard to include the range of features found within a newspaper report and also managed to include direct and reported speech.
In topic, we have been researching Propaganda posters that were used in World War 1 and made our own posters linked to this.
The children thought of some very catchy slogans and captions and included some very appealing images to encourage people to
join and help in the war. They are amazing and we can’t wait to display them around the classroom.
In maths we learnt two new methods for Long division and applied these to a range of fluency questions, we have focussed on
showing all of our working out and had to use our knowledge of multiplication facts. Throughout the week, the children have
completed assessments in reading, SPaG and maths. The children have wowed us with the determination that they have shown
when completing the papers and for persevering even when they were not sure of the answer. Well done Beech- you are all
Our play leader training continued this week and the children produced some posters to promote the play leader activities that they
have designed. They also continued to plan their activities in more detail ready for filming them after half term. Once the activities
are filmed, they will be shared with the other classes to teach them new games to encourage them to be more active during playtimes
and lunchtime.
We would like to wish you all a wonderful half term, and a well-deserved rest with your families. We look forward to seeing you after
half term.
English: to write a newspaper report, to edit and up level writing.
Maths: to solve calculations and problem solve using long multiplication.

Friday 16th October 2020

This week has once again been full to the brim with learning new skills and revising ones we already have. We started the week our new focus in English- Newspaper reports. We learnt skills throughout the week that would enable us to write our very own newspaper report. To help prepare us for this we began by identifying the key features of an article ensuring we were able to find them and explain why they are important. Following on from this we created an APOL grid; Audience, Purpose, Organisation and Language to help us concisely explain the features of a newspaper. Moving on from this, we began to build on our knowledge of grammatical techniques that we can use to up-level our writing, starting with differentiating between fact and opinion. Following this, we learnt about one of the three main sentence types- compound sentences. These sentences use co-ordinating conjunctions to join two simple sentences or main clauses, we can remember the conjunctions using the acronym FANBOYS.

On Thursday, we became reporters, it happened overnight and all of sudden we had to chase our story, finding all the facts we could to write our Orientation. We were given only the subject of our report and in groups, we had to locate the information in the same way a real reporter would! Using all the facts gathered we wrote an orientation in groups. This was in preparation for our big write on Friday, where we get the chance to become reporters once again, writing our very own story based on a key event or aspect or World War 1. We have been busy researching our chosen subject using the laptops, books and resources to ensure that we have enough information to write our reports.

In Maths this week, we have learnt how to use short division to solve wide range of reasoning problems. We have built on our knowledge to ensure that we can effectively show how we reached an answer, instead of simply writing the calculation. Following on from this we completed our objectives of using factors to complete short division fluency questions. We created posters detailing how to complete question with short division using factors and the bus stop method for our working wall to help us in the future.

We managed to beat the rain for our play-leader training and activity this week and had so much fun using the chalk on the path around the field to create a wide range of activities that can be accessed by all ages of children at lunchtime. There were so many different games, including races and even a Harry Potter game. We all showed amazing amounts of creativity and were able to think carefully about what would appeal to both ks1 and ks2. We are really looking forward to being able to set the chalk games up for children at lunchtime at least twice a week to start off with.

English: to write a newspaper report

Maths: to solve calculations and problems linked to division using factors and long division.

Friday 9th October 2020

We have had another super busy week in Beech class. The children once again have all worked so incredibly hard and we are very proud of their continued positive attitudes!

In English and Topic we focussed on what life was like in a World War 1 trench. We studied a diagram of what a trench would look like and were shocked at what we found. The children identified the key areas of a trench and how soldiers would spend their time within them. Using all of this information, year 6 wrote mind maps detailing the emotions, thoughts and feelings that a soldier may have felt when in the trenches. They then used these to help them write a diary entry from the perspective of a soldier. The children had to ensure they were conveying the correct levels of emotion by using ambitious vocabulary whilst ensuring their diary entries included facts about life in the trenches.

In maths we completed our work on short division, focussing on accurately applying the correct method. This challenged the children to use all four of the operations when calculating the answers to the problems. In addition to this, we worked on their problem solving- the children had to prove to us how they knew the answers were correct/incorrect- this encouraged the children to show all of their working out.

The five ways to wellbeing has been our focus in PSHE we have completed various activities surrounding ‘being active’ this week, including further work on our play leader training. In addition to this we have been identifying what makes a good friend and how to manage our emotions surrounding changes that may occur throughout a friendship, the children have really enjoyed discussing their opinions and showed amazing amounts of empathy to their peers.

Once again, we have entered the festive season nice and early by designing and creating our Christmas cards. Copies of these will be sent home with the children today including more information surrounding ordering of the cards.

Spanish: Hola a todos! We continued with our theme Geografía and had a more cultural lesson learning the main cities in Spain and their location based on a ? Dónde está..? Where is...? puzzle-solving exercise. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

English: To plan and write a diary entry from the perspective of a soldier in WW1.

Maths:  To solve calculations and problems linked to short division.

Friday 2nd October 2020

Wow, what a busy week we have had in Beech Class. The children have worked so incredibly hard and we want to start our newsletter by saying we are so proud of you all!

In English, we started our class book ‘War Horse’, we chose this as it links so beautifully to our topic of WW1. Before reading the first chapter the children used their inference skills to predict what happens in the story based on the front cover. We were astounded with the ideas the children came up with and moved on to reading chapter 1. After chapter 1, the children wrote down their thoughts about 3 of the main characters, Mother, Father and Albert. This was in preparation for our larger piece of writing, to describe a character who appeared in the first 3 chapters.

Maths this week has been equally as busy. We completed our work on addition and subtraction (column method) and moved onto learning column multiplication. By Thursday many all of the children were multiplying at least 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers which is a wonderful achievement.

Science was very hands on this week with the children building their own circuits, investigating how circuits can change according to the components that are added or taken away.

We have continued our work on mental health this week and focussed on the ‘Be Active’ section of the ‘5 ways to wellbeing.’ The children absolutely adored having a go on the new play equipment and after an almighty game; we discussed the importance of keeping active, playing with friends and exercising.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing you on Monday.


Hola a todos!

In Beech today we continued with our geographical theme and the class practiced asking and answering extended questions, using the adjectives we learned last week.  We also cemented this learning with a final writing task responding to ?Qué opinas de ......  y por qué? to describe famous landmarks in Spain's major cities.

English: To solve problems and answer calculations linked to addition and subtraction. To solve problems and answer calculations linked to multiplication.

Maths: To use inference skills to predict to write a character description.

Friday 25th September 2020

We started this week in Beech by writing speeches inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’. The children worked incredibly hard on their vocabulary to ensure that their writing was emotive whilst also keeping their points clear and concise. Using sections of the speeches we then created our ‘We have a voice’ display.

On Wednesday, the children wrote a diary entry based on a World War 1 soldiers experiences. The children were given an image as stimulus and this provided them with the opportunity to create a word bank which contained some truly ambitious vocabulary. We were, once again blown away by the content of these diary entries, where the language used created amazing imagery.

In maths this week, we have been working really hard on understanding negative numbers. This has included the children solving problems and explaining their reasoning in a variety of different ways. Moving on from this, in groups the children planned and created their very own maths games focussing on identifying, adding and subtracting negative numbers accurately.

Mid-week the children carried out a science investigation related to their current topic of ‘Light and Electricity’. The focus of this was to understand how light travels and if light can be manipulated. The children enjoyed being objects and reflecting the light beams using their bodies.

On Thursday, the children continued with their play-leader training using the games they created last week to do the warm-up and moving onto designing and creating games for younger key stages to play using different equipment at lunchtimes. The children are really looking forward working the middays to implement an even more fun and exciting playtime for all key stages.

Hola a todos! In Spanish we continued with our geographical theme by introducing opposing adjectives to build on our responses . We will be using these to describe where we live when describing our town. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

English: To write a speech. To write a diary entry.

Maths:  To solve problems and explain reasoning linked to negative numbers. To identify, add and subtract negative numbers accurately.

Friday 18th September

We have had another awesome week in Beech class! In English, the children have been working incredibly hard on up levelling their
work and responding to their individual feedback in detail. We have continued to read the story, Here we are, and used this and the
poem ‘Night walker’ by Phillip Gross to write our own poems about the day time. The children spent lots of time outside thinking
about what they can hear, see, smell and touch to help inspire them with the vocabulary that they need to write their poem. The
vocabulary choices that the children have used this week have been outstanding and created atmosphere and emotion throughout.
The children created their own backgrounds for their poems using watercolour, thinking carefully about the colours that they were
using. They look AMAZING on the wall in our classroom. Miss Houghton and I are so impressed with the children’s finished poems,
they were an absolute pleasure to read- well done Beech!
In maths, the children have continued their work on place value and have been comparing and ordering numbers up to tens of
millions. We have also been learning how to accurately round numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 and then once the children
had more confidence with any number that they were given. To help the children to remember the rule with rounding, they learnt a
special rap which is now proudly up on our maths working wall. I’m sure they will be happy to teach you the rap at home too.
Towards the end of the week we started our next maths unit on negative numbers, we will continue with this next week.
The children started their playleader training this week with Mrs Scarborough. We talked about how different the playleader role
might look at the moment, however, as a class we wanted to ensure that all children have the opportunity to keep active and have
fun at playtimes and lunchtimes. The children have decided, with help from us that they are going to create some lunchtime packs
for each key stage bubble. In this pack, there will be lots of ideas of games and activities that the children can play at lunchtimes
both with equipment and without. The children had lots of fun practising the games that they could play and also creating their own
games and activities.
Thank you for being so hardworking, wonderful and resilient this week Beech class- you make us so proud on a daily basis! Wishing
you all a wonderful weekend in the sunshine.
English; to write a poem inspired by the daytime, to use parenthesis, to up level and edit work independently.
Maths; to round numbers, to calculate negative numbers, to compare and order numbers.

Friday 11th September 2020

What a wonderful week we have had in Beech class. Miss Houghton and I are so incredibly proud of how wonderfully the
class have settled in and how they have adapted so beautifully to the new school routines. Their attitude towards their
learning has wowed us and they have truly been a pleasure to be around.
Our book focus this week has been ‘Here we are.’ We have spent time using our inference skills to predict what might
happen in the book, using the images and front covers to help us. In the book, it talks about our planet and how we can
look after it. This encouraged discussions about the positive impact that the Lockdown period has had on our environment
and the things that we would like to see remain. To ensure that our voices are heard, the children have written some
wonderful, very persuasive, formal letters to our local MPs. On Monday, we are going to write them up and then send them
off. Fingers crossed we get a response. The children have been completing zero to hero sentences and we are so impressed
at how much they have improved already- their editing skills are fabulous and the children are responding very positively
to the feedback given. Keep it up Beech!
In maths, we have been recapping on place value and learning how to accurately place numbers up to 10 million and to
solve problems linked to this. We have spent a lot of time talking about how we can record our reasoning and how we can
prove that what we believe is true.
In PSHE, we have shared our aspirations for year 6 and beyond- they were very aspirational, which was lovely to hear. We
have talked about our core values and how they impact us both in school and at home and how we can be a positive role
model to others. We have spent a lot of time just talking, about anything and everything- ensuring that the children feel
comfortable with each other and us and to help us catch up on the time that we have been apart. It really is great to be
back together!
Wishing you all a well-deserved restful weekend.




The final week for Beech Class - 2019 - 2020



Friday 10th July 2020

Dear Beech,

What a fun week we have had with you all. The week has absolutely whizzed by and we can’t believe that we are so near the end of the term already.

In Science, we have been very impressed at your maturity when learning about different types of drugs both legal and illegal. We loved the fact that you asked some fantastic questions and wasn’t afraid to speak up about anything that you were worried or concerned about. Superstars, every single one of you!

You wrote the most wonderful letters and messages to your buddies and we are looking forward to giving them to them next week. We know your buddies are really missing you as you are them so we are sure that they will be happy that you have been thinking of them.

We LOVED your planning timetables and mind maps on what you would like to do in school next week and we are very excited about putting some of these ideas into action. We can’t wait for dancing, dressing up, picnics on the field and non uniform days. Will definitely be a week to remember for us all 😊.

You have excelled at PE this week in your athletics sessions and Mr Segrave has been so impressed with your enthusiasm and energy. Next week there will be lots of challenges and mini competitions as you requested- your very own mini sports day.

As always Beech, thank you for being so wonderful and for making us smile so much every day. We really do enjoy every second with you.

Have a wonderful weekend with your families and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton

Friday 3rd July 2020

Dear Beech,

What a busy week we have had! You have continued to persevere and work through your transition booklets ready for Secondary school. You have been sharing ideas with each and supporting each other with your descriptions of yourself that you had to write in Spanish. Luckily we had each other and a Spanish dictionary as otherwise some of the descriptions would have been very interesting! 😊

In Science, you have been continuing to learn about healthy lifestyles and what this means for us. We have been so impressed with your informative leaflets that you have produced. It has shown us how much you have learnt and what a good understanding you have.

Your pupil report comments were absolutely amazing and they certainly left a tear or two in our eyes. It was so wonderful to read about what you feel you have achieved and what you have enjoyed during your time in Beech. You are all stars and we are so incredibly proud of you.

You have all had the opportunity to have a virtual tour of your new Secondary schools this week and have found out who your tutors are. You have all been buzzing with excitement and we feel so honoured that we get to share this special time with you here in school.

You were all amazing in our virtual athletics on Friday. Sock target throw, shoe throwing and standing stork positions aren’t the normal athletic activities that we would normally take part in but they were lots of fun and you gave it your all!

There has been a lot of singing and dancing this week and also the odd bit of dressing up too! We love how enthusiastic you are all and never tire of hearing your beautiful singing voices.

Keep being wonderful and keep being you!  

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Miss P and Miss H

Friday 26th June 2020

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed watching you complete your transition booklets, you have tackled so many tricky tasks and it has been wonderful to see you do this independently or with guidance from each other, it made us very proud.

In art, you began your final pieces, Mrs Woodard was blown away by the skill of your paintings and drawings, particularly in the tasks where you had to choose a particular area of the composition, this was very challenging and you all did fantastically. Well done!

We set you the challenge of creating a guide to year 6 for the children coming up and once again you were phenomenal- your funny comments made us laugh a lot and the unanimous name of ‘guide to greatness’ will always make us smile. These booklets will certainly come in handy for all future year 6s.

In P.E you continued athletics, it was great to see you all so enthusiastic and taking part in every activity, your triple jumps have already improved after only 2 lessons!

After our trip to forest school we decided to write letters of thanks to the owner. These letters were so well written, and the children who didn’t go wrote letters to their role models or someone that has helped them during lockdown, these too were beautifully written and the vocabulary choices were extremely high level.

Overall, although this week has been hot, sticky and tiring we really do love every minute with our wonderful Beech Class.

Have a restful weekend,

Miss P and Miss H 😊

Friday 19th June 2020

Dear Beech class,

We have had another fantastic week with you all and there has certainly been lots of smiles and laughter.  At the beginning of the week we loved hearing all of your creative descriptions of the adventures you would have if you shrunk down to the size of an ant for the day. We loved your use of ambitious vocabulary and your very detailed descriptions of the world around you.

Your memories of your time at Haslingfield Primary really made us smile and it was lovely to hear you all talk together about them. Your speeches are AMAZING and so beautifully written- well done!

In maths, we have been very impressed with your code breaking and problem solving. Some of the clues were very tricky but you didn’t give up- great teamwork too! We love the emoji code breakers that you created of your own and look forward to solving them- we hope you haven’t made them too tricky 😊.

In Science, you all persevered and created a wonderful clay model of the heart. Your attention to detail was incredible  and we were so impressed at your confidence of naming the different parts too. We look forward to continuing this unit next week.

Your enthusiasm in PE this week was noticed by all. You made a wonderful start to our athletics unit by participating in long jump, triple jump and sprinting activities. Everyone was so impressed with your determination and enthusiasm- go Beech!

As always your positive can do attitude and kindness has really shone through this week and Miss Houghton and I are so incredibly proud of you all. You truly are superstars and a pleasure to be around.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton

Friday 12th June 2020

Dear Beech,

We have had another fun and amazing week with you all this week and as always you have wowed us with your awesome work ethic.

We have been very impressed with your code breaking in maths this week. There were some really tricky problems to solve and you all persevered and didn’t give up until you had solved them. You are mathematical superstars! We have an even trickier one for next week 😊.

In English, you showed what super spellers you are by completing our English orienteering challenge. You worked well with your partners and found so many words together by working as a team. Your mystery stories were amazing, we were so impressed with your use of description and higher level vocabulary. You were all so enthusiastic when writing them too and had such individual and awesome ideas.

Your overnight adventure ideas really made us smile and we thought they were very creative. We are so glad that you were able to use at least some of things in your imaginary rucksacks to help you overcome the barriers that you may have been faced with. Crossing a river, walking through an overgrown forest and sleeping in stormy weather sure is tough but we are sure your inventive ideas would have dealt with the situation perfectly.

Thank you for making Friday so much fun, we loved our forest school session with you all. Climbing trees, toasting marshmallows, whittling sticks and playing hide and seek is exactly how Fridays should be spent. It was great to see you all so super smiley too!

We can’t wait for another exciting week with you all.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton  

Friday 5th June 2020

Dear Beech class, 
Well what an exciting week it has been. We have loved being back together with many of you this week and it has been wonderful to see your smiley faces and hear all of your Lockdown stories. We have missed you! It has been wonderful to still be in contact with those of you at home too and we have been very impressed with the work that you have been producing, well done.

In English, we have enjoyed reading all of your recounts of your Lockdown experiences so far. We have been impressed at the amount of detail and description that you have included ensuring that you have covered all five senses. Some of the stories that you have written about have really made us chuckle- you have certainly all made your own unique memories to treasure forever. We hope this piece of writing will be something that you can look back on in years to come. 

Towards the end of the week we watched and listened to Martin Luther King's speech, 'I have a dream.' We were very impressed with the discussions that we had after and loved listening to all of your ideas of how you would like to make the world a better place for all of us to live in. Your own speeches about your 'dreams' literally blew us away and possibly made our eyes a little watery. Beech class, you showed so much empathy towards others and really did express exactly what our world should be like- well done! We hope to share the posters that you have produced around the school for others to see- we are sure they would share your dreams and thoughts too. 

In maths, you have continued producing your maths revision guides on Algebra and position and direction. We have been very impressed with the detail that you have included and the examples that you have given for others to learn from. We really can't wait to present them in our library. 

In Science, we compared various different systems in our body and then moved on to labelling parts of the circulatory system and talked about their functions. We had some very detailed discussions around this and it is was lovely to hear you all share your ideas together. 

We have sung, talked, laughed (a lot) and worked hard- the perfect week, well done Beech class. 

At home or at school, please always remember that 'We are all in this together.' Go Beech class :) 

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton

Friday 22nd May 2020

To our wonderful Beech class,

We can’t believe that we are at the end of another half term of learning from home. You continue to amaze us and make us smile everyday with the wonderful work that you upload. Thank you 😊

You have wowed us this week with your wonderful biographies. It has been lovely to read about the lives of your family members and friends and the special memories that they have shared with you. You have managed your time over the week brilliantly and we have seen some super planning and editing too.  

Your maths revision guides are looking awesome! We have loved how beautifully presented they all are and how many strategies and examples you have included. These are going to look absolutely fantastic in our school library and will really benefit other children in our school.

We were very jealous of all of the road trips that we were seeing on Seesaw this week and the amazing camper vans that you would travel In. You included some very creative ideas- well done.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful half term and a well deserved rest with your families. Make sure you get outside and enjoy the glorious sunshine!

Take care, stay safe and hopefully we will see you all soon.

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton.

This weeks quote;

‘Without a little rain, there would never be a rainbow, we’ll see our rainbow one day soon Beech class- keep going, keep being you, you are awesome.’

Friday 15th May 2020

Wow, another week has flown by- and like every other day of home learning you have blown us away.

It has been a complete joy to read the truly stunning autobiographies that you have been writing, the description you have used has been wonderful and some of your memories have made us laugh a lot! We have loved seeing so many different writing styles coming through, and we can tell that you have taken inspiration from many different authors that we have learnt about.

The Minecraft bedrooms you have created are fantastic- it took Miss Houghton and I a very long time to even work out the beginning so we are super impressed with you guys. How exciting it would be to have a bedroom like the ones you have created.

Your maths revision guides are looking incredible already, being able to read the way you have learnt different methods has been so valuable for us- we can’t wait for them to take pride of place in our library.

It was lovely to have the opportunity to speak to some of you on the phone this week and hear about all of the wonderful things that you have been doing. Do remember if you want to message us or talk to us about anything at all you can contact us on Seesaw or ask your parents to e-mail us and we can give you a call. We are here for you, always!

Once again our wonderful Y6’s you are all superstars, complete and utter superstars. We couldn’t be more proud of you all if we tried. Thank you for all making everyday another fab day of home learning and still making us laugh as you do in class and always giving everything your all.

Take care, keep smiling and keep being you!

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton

This weeks quote:

‘Today you are you, that is truer than true, there’s no one alive that is youer than you!’  

Thursday 7th May 2020

Our lovely beech class,

This week has been another wonderful opportunity for us to admire your incredible work on seesaw. We feel so lucky to be able to keep in touch with you on there and thoroughly enjoy seeing your ideas and creativity every day.

We say it every week but we are constantly bowled over by the amounts of work that you are doing. The travel brochures that you have created have been brilliant- we have learnt so much about different parts of North America.

The vocabulary that you have applied to your zero to hero sentences has been outstanding and we can tell that many of you have challenged yourselves by using a thesaurus to find new and exciting words.

In maths, we have finished the curriculum for year 6. WOW! We were super organised. So, we have decided that now is the perfect opportunity to cast our minds back to September and revise everything we learnt. We will start with place value and you will find some revision guides in your packs that were recently collected from school. Using these packs we would like you to create a revision guide that will take pride of place in the school library and help many future year 6’s.

We cannot wait to see all your upcoming work.

Well done again for another fabulous week!

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton

‘Believe you can and you are already half-way there’


Friday 1st May 2020

To our wonderful Beech Class,

We want to start off our weekly bulletin by saying WOW- we have been blown away by how much you are putting into your learning. We have absolutely adored you all asking lots of questions, editing your work with us and most of all being able to communicate with so many of you on a daily basis.

Your conservation centres have honestly been some of the most incredible pieces of work that we have seen this year, your creativity and dedication to create such a high level piece of work has shone through and definitely paid off.

I think we have handed out a record amount of merits this week! We look forward to sharing your merit certificates with you next week. They are very well deserved!

At this point in the lockdown, we are sure that some of you will be feeling a little bit more overwhelmed and missing normality more than before. Firstly, we would like to reassure you that we too are feeling like this.

We want you to know that we are still here. We want you to message us about anything, even if you’re just feeling a bit grumpy, we want to know. We might not be able to make it all better but we will be able to support you on this journey and we will do our very best to put a smile on your face. 

Keep going, keep smiling, we will get through this together.

Miss Peck and Miss Houghton x 

Our quote of the week: 

Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

Friday 24th April 2020

To our lovely Beech class,
Another week is done, another week of seeing your incredible work means another week that you have not physically been in our classroom. However, that does not mean we aren't still here for you. We are here, every single day. So, the first thing, we would like to remind you is to ask for help. We can still answer your questions, we can help you through everything, it's ok to find all this challenging and overwhelming. We know we'll get through it, but everyone is stronger when they work as a team!
We couldn't be prouder of each and every one of you, your determination, your resilience ad your kindness shines through every day. The pride you are still showing in your work is fantastic. For that, we need to thank you.
We have begun our new topic on North America this week and have already been blown away by the amounts of research you have produced on animals and their habitats. You have completed lots of cross-curricular work and this will continue throughout our topic. In maths, you investigated Nets and how they are created and have practised drawing shapes accurately. In Geography, you produced some brilliant work on flags. Your art isolation diaries are looking amazing and Mrs Woodard was very impressed when we showed her your work on Tuesday.
We can see how exciting our virtual journey around this magnificent part of the world will be and are looking forward to the pieces of work that will show off a variety of skills.
Over the weekend, take a step back and look at all you have achieved- feel proud of yourselves!
We miss you!
Stay Safe.
Miss Peck and Miss Houghton
Our quote of the week- remember this Beech class, you can do this, we are always here!




Dear Beech class,

            Well, we are now at the end of a very different week of learning. We want to start by saying how proud we are of you all and everything that you achieved in only 5 days! Your work ethic and positivity has shone through all week and for that, we are so thankful.
            We have been super impressed by your ability to use a protractor and your understanding of the different methods we use to work out a variety of problems. This has been shown very clearly by your fluent in five workings out and the answers.      We have also been blown away by your fantastic knowledge of a variety of grammatical techniques and where to apply them in sentences. Your Zero to Hero sentences have been jam packed with a range of techniques and some very impressive ambitious vocabulary! Your silly sentences have made us laugh a lot, and we have loved looking at your artwork and learning facts from your topic work.

This weekend there will be no homework set, we want you to have a good rest and spend some quality time with your families.

Once again, we are so very proud of you all


Miss Peck and Miss Houghton