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Hawthorn Class Learning and News Blog

Friday 20th November 2020

This week we have been very busy in English with writing our playscripts. We had a practice first working together to set the speech out correctly and remembering to add in stage directions in brackets and how the actor needed to speak. Then we worked with the people with whom we did our puppet plays last week, to write the introduction together to our traditional story. Finally, for our big write, we wrote our favourite scene as a playscript. I was really impressed with the amount of detail used, the setting out and the careful, joined handwriting used. We are beginning to give out pen licenses now and several people are making sure they write neatly joined up, with letters the correct size and position in relation to each other.

In Maths, we have done some recap work on equal groups, sharing and grouping numbers and quantities in different ways. We have also used repeated addition and arrays as ways of showing the numbers involved. Next week we will be focusing on multiplying and dividing the three and a little bit of the four times table. In Science, we had a great time using torches with a paper shield around them and testing how reflective objects were. The office snow globe and Florence's sequin pencil case were especially reflective and we could clearly see the reflected lights through the paper. In our Anglo Saxon topic we have been looking at their pagan Gods and how these and the Romans named the days of the week.

Anti-bullying week has followed on well from our black history stories as we remember how unkind people were to Ruby Bridges every day, what that feels like and why people felt like that.

Please remember to check purple mash for your weekly spellings and to practice your times tables. There are also typing activities to do to help you learn where the keys are quickly. We were pleased to see most people remembered to read at home last week and we are hoping to see more people read at least 3 times this week.

Hola a todos! In Hawthorn class today the class really impressed me with their recall of the contents of their pencil cases! We also played a syllable game which I am sure the children will be only too keen to tell you about. Hasta luego!

English: To use what we have been learning to write a scene as a play script

Maths: To use arrays, groups and sharing to work out multiplication and division questions.

Friday 13th November 2020

We've had another busy week with lots going on. We've been finding out about lots of significant people as part of Black History fortnight, including Diane Abbott, MP, Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parkes. Each day we've been watching video clips from Joe Wicks and Children in Need and plan to finish the 24 hour work out with Joe. At the start of the week, they had flu inoculations and individual photographs as well. (Please check your child's bag, as the slips went home with their Autumn term report.) I was very proud of them on Wednesday standing respectfully and silently for our Remembrance Day event and two-minute silence. Well done.

In English this week we are getting into playscripts now. We analysed their features at the start of the week, then moved on to reading and performing a script. We had to be careful to take notice of stage directions, but not say them aloud, which was sometimes tricky. Next, we moved on to using stick puppets from a traditional tale and working in small groups we then performed our own plays. Next week we will be learning to set out a play script for ourselves and then writing a section of our story as a play script for our big write.

In Maths we have been practising the tricky areas of addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers. Remembering when and how we exchange numbers can sometimes be confusing when not set out clearly. We've also focused on how to work out the inverse of a question or solve missing number problems. These skills have then helped us when checking our answers.

In Science we have been thinking about light and dark. I then asked them, 'could they see in the dark?' Unfortunately, it's been found that eating carrots doesn't help! When it is completely dark, we cannot see.

In our Anglo -Saxon topic we have been finding out about their festivals and acting them out.

Remember to practise spellings, which can be found on Purple Mash. There are also lots of games for you to practise your times tables too. In computing we started to learn some touch typing skills, and it’s really hard to use the correct fingers at first. Please do have another practise if you have a spare 5 minutes! We look forward to seeing people with lots of reading entries next week in their record too. Have a lovely weekend!

Hola a todos! In Spanish we started to learn the vocabulary for what is in our pencil cases and by the end of the class their recall was really improving. We will continue this next week! !Hasta luego!

Maths: to use the inverse operation to check an answer

English: to look at the features of a play script 

Friday 6th November 2020

Welcome back, we hope you all enjoyed half term. This week we have spent some time looking back at our assessment papers from before half term before moving on to our new English topic of traditional tales. This week we have enjoyed reading and refreshing our minds of stories such as the Three Little Pigs and Billy Goats Gruff. Everybody wrote a fantastic recount of their favourite tale, and made an impressive effort at using the correct punctuation, interesting details and some speech from the characters. I think it was also the most a lot of people had written, with many being 2 or 3 pages long! Well done, I enjoyed reading them. Moving forward we are going to be looking at play scripts, acting out plays and then writing our own scripts.

In Maths we are working on an area familiar to all the parents, column addition and column subtraction set out formally. Everybody has made a really good start and we will continue to work on the tricky exchanges when subtracting next week. In Science, we finished off our knowledge presentations on our previous topic, forces and magnets. We then wrote down what we already know about light. It's a topic they haven't previously covered in school yet but once the children thought about it, they realised they did already know some things.

In PE we've started doing dance on Mondays. We are using a piece of music that represents the invasion of Lindisfarne Island in the Anglo-Saxon times, by the Vikings. Thursday P.E. will be outside as long the weather is 'reasonable' so please ensure the children have a hoodie and joggers to keep warm. We are continuing with our topic on Anglo Saxons. It was great to see some of you trying the recipes on Purple Mash! In R.E. we will be finishing our topic on the Amrit ceremony in Sikhism which has been very interesting. The next couple of weeks we are also focusing on black history looking at true stories and achievements.

Hola a todos! This week in Hawthorn class we limbered up with some Spanish Trebalenguas - (tongue twisters) to get our mouths working again; we had a little competition to see who could pronounce Pepé pena the fastest and a HP was awarded to Florencia for her perseverance and resilience when the going got tough and Benedicto for the fastest time, with everyone else being super seconds!

Homework: Please remember that spellings and times tables activities are on Purple Mash for you to practise and that we would like to see everyone read at least 3 times a week at home with it recorded in your reading record.

English: to retell a traditional tale

Maths: to complete addition and subtraction using exchanges

Friday 23rd October 2020

This week in Hawthorn we've been busy doing English and Maths assessments. Everyone has made a really good effort at focussing
and trying things out for themselves. Well done! Additionally, in English this week we have been writing Kennings, a type of Anglo-
Saxon poem made up of two words per line. They describe an object without saying what it actually is, a bit like a riddle. They wrote
some fantastic modern-day and Anglo-Saxon poems for us to guess, including a Halloween one with Mrs Taylor!
In Maths we have started setting out addition and subtraction in a more formal way, the column method, and have begun to look at
carrying over the tens and hundreds in addition. Everybody has made a really big effort to set work out neatly, one number/sign per
square with the numbers lined up neatly underneath each other.
In Science, we did our final investigation for this topic and tested a large variety of metals to find out which were magnetic. Everybody
has started doing a fact sheet showing everything they have learnt this term (a lot!) about forces and magnets which we shall finish
off after half term before starting our new topic of light.
In topic we have been researching Anglo Saxon food. We would like to have made some as part of design and technology but this
is not possible with the current restrictions. I will put a simple Anglo Saxon recipe up on Purple Mash and perhaps you could make
this over half term.
In P.E. we have really improved our throwing and catching and enjoyed an energetic game of mini netball which ended 1-1 after an
own goal by Mrs. Keen's team!
Have a wonderful, safe half term and we'll see you in November.
English: To learn about kennings and write some
Maths: To set out work into columns and to add numbers crossing the tens boundary

Friday 16th October 2020

This week seems to have flown by as the children have become used to daily routines and expectations, we seem to have got a lot of work done. In English we have now finished reading Beowulf and many found the ending a surprise as in many stories the hero doesn't die in his final battle (the evil dragon was defeated first though!). We have now invented our own heroes with their own special skills and weapons. On Wednesday, we planned our own heroic story, using the monster we designed and described in our previous big write. After shared writing our class planned story introductions, we then wrote our own introductions using a range of vocabulary. This will be followed by the remainder of our story on Friday, for our big writes. We look forward to reading them as everyone has been buzzing with fantastic ideas!

In Maths, we have worked on addition and subtraction of tens to three-digit numbers, using base 10 to build and show us the exchanges. We have then been able to draw this as one method of explaining our answers. We have gradually included crossing the tens with an exchange and then the hundreds as children became secure in their understanding and reasoning. 

One of the things we've been discussing in PSHE over the last couple of weeks is how exercise improves the way we feel. On most days we have been out to do the daily mile fairly early in the morning. In the beginning most people were only doing a couple of laps of the field, with a lot of walking. The more times we've done it the more laps people have done, and often ask if they can just do one more! When we've come back in, we've had a drink and discussed how we feel. Everybody, has felt more positive about it with feedback such as, 'it gets me going for the day', 'I have more energy to do things', 'I feel more awake and ready to learn' and 'I didn't like running but now I feel like I can run and I want to go further'.

We all thoroughly enjoyed science this week as the children proved the concept that 'a magnet doesn't have to be touching an object to attract it'.   Then we planned and started an experiment to test how strong different magnets are and find out which is the strongest. So far, the answer is stronger than we expected! We will finish this next week. In Topic we have looked at how the Anglo Saxons lived. Many children quite liked the outdoor lifestyle with no traffic and the cosy thatched roof home but the idea of drinking a type of beer because the water was unclean and using a comb made of bone was off putting! Have a restful weekend.

English: to plan and write a fantastic story

Maths: to add and subtract crossing over a 10 and 100

Friday 9th October 2020

This week in English, we have continued to read and enjoy the story of Beowulf. We have been focusing on improving our use of exciting adjectives and prepositions by describing different characters and events. We've improved boring words in the story by using thesauri to find synonyms of words. 

In Maths we have been reinforcing our knowledge of number bonds and using number lines to add and subtract single digits from tens and hundreds. We have used different strategies to help us do this mentally instead of resorting to our fingers! In computing we have all explored Purple Mash, everyone knows how to find the website and log on (details in their reading records) we have used the '2do' feature to find work that has been set for us. We have tried out a game for practising our times tables and completed an Anglo-Saxon activity of labelling the different kingdoms. Everybody knows how to find their spelling and times table’s homework on there, and additionally how we can see their work and respond to it. We look forward to seeing everyone on there this week.

In topic we have been imagining the Anglo Saxon village that would have been at Haslingfield and thinking about the homes, their jobs and how they lived.

Finally, this week everyone spent an afternoon hard at work producing lovely penguin Christmas cards which should be in their bags this week if you wish to go online and order them. We will need the original artwork back in school so we can send it off.

Spanish: Hola a todos! We recapped our ages with a comprehension/translation exercise and learned the unusual phonic sounds in Spanish with repetition and gesturing - we will continue this next week. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson

English: To find synonyms in a thesaurus.

Maths: To add and subtract digits from hundreds.

Friday 2nd October 2020

Well done Hawthorn on working so hard this week. There have been a few changes but you have focused on your learning and been successful. In English we have read the next, rather gruesome, chapter of Beowulf and looked at describing the battle between Grendel and Beowulf with powerful verbs and adverbs. Before our Big Write, we designed our own monster to meet Beowulf next. In our Big Write we tried to use exciting adjectives to describe our own monster. There were some very scary monsters! We now need to make sure capital letters and full stops are always used correctly in writing.

In maths we have looked at what he know about number place value and practised tricky concepts like crossing the 100 boundary, using the base 10 apparatus to help us. We are now moving onto the addition and subtraction of numbers starting with hundreds and ones. In Science we began exploring magnets and how they worked. We used scientific language to describe when they attract and repel. In our Anglo Saxon topic we have learned how the invaders gave different places names. Names ending in -field like Haslingfield and -ford like Bedford meaning river crossing. We used the atlases and were great at finding a lot of Anglo- Saxon names that still exist today over 1200 years later! 


Hola a todos!

In Hawthorn class today we had a very energetic lesson learning our numbers and playing "Hot Seat", where willing volunteers took it in turn to see if they could recall the numbers as they flashed up on the screen - I was so impressed by their enthusiasm and willingness to participate and at their perseverance. Well done Hawthorn class!

English: To use adjectives and adverbs to describe

Maths: To add and subtracts hundreds and ones     

Friday 25th September 2020

This week has been really enjoyable, we have started new texts in English and Guided Reading which everyone has enjoyed. In English, we have started to read 'Beowulf', the Usbourne Young Readers version. We have made good use of the pronunciation guide as it has some unusual words. We have met the main characters of Beowulf, and the villain, Grendel. Everyone did some very dramatic impersonations of how they thought Grendel stood, moved and spoke. They then went on to write some detailed, imaginative descriptions of Grendel and Beowulf. We have had a grammar focus on impressive adjectives and using adverbs.

Guided Reading, is currently occurring as a whole class activity and we are reading 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons', by Andy Shepherd. This week we have focussed on interpreting the story and explaining what we know and how we know it.

In Maths, we have continued our work on place value, confidently counting in 100s and 50s, comparing and ordering numbers. Next, we will be looking at addition and subtraction. In Science we had an exciting afternoon using a range of different spinners. We applied our knowledge of friction from last week, to deciding, and testing which would be the best and worst surfaces to use. In art, they have been drawing pictures of Grendel using pencil and shading in carefully to show light and dark. We have also begun our Anglo Saxon topic, by finding out who they were and where they came from.

Hola a todos! In Spanish we refreshed our numbers and I was super-impressed at how much the class had retained from last year - Fantastic job Senora Siddall! We did this by reading an authentic Spanish text "Perritos", which I am sure your children will be only too keen to relay. Hasta luego! Senora Anderson.

Next week Mrs Keen and I are having a swop around of days we are working. I will be teaching on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Keen will be teaching on Monday and Friday.

English: To use a range of interesting adjectives to describe a character.

Maths: To compare and order numbers to 1000.


Friday 18th September 2020

Well done everyone this week for your cheerful attitudes to learning and you are beginning to become more confident at having a
go and trying things out independently. In English and PSHE this week we have continued using the book 'Here We Are' to explore
our thoughts, emotions and opinions about life. We have discussed our current thoughts and how this makes us feel and what advice
we can give ourselves. We have looked at different government posters about Covid and their advice and how this changed over
time. Then we designed our own posters to reflect the current situation in school. Towards the end of the week we have begun
summarising all the information we have discussed and our thoughts and feeling which we will use to help us write a list poem for
our Big Write.
In Maths we have continued to focus on the value of numbers up to a 1000. Initially, we reviewed numbers to a hundred and how
they related to each other on a number line. This was then applied to numbers in the hundreds up to one thousand. We have
considered how it effects the values of the digits when there is 1, 10 or 100 more or less and used place value grids and counters to
help us visualise and explain this. Finally we use our knowledge from earlier in the week to compare numbers.
In Science we investigated friction and how the ease that two surfaces move over each other effects an objects speed and distance
travelled before slowing down. Everybody made predictions about the type of surface and there were some excellent explanations
about why their prediction was right or wrong using scientific language. Through our PE and other sessions we have focussed on
teamwork, taking turns, listening to each other and being considerate to our friends and spending time together doing an activity.
English: to write a list poem.
Maths: to order numbers to one thousand on a number line.

Friday 11th September 2020

First of all, a big welcome back to you all! It is lovely to see you all again, and with so many beaming faces walking into school. We are so impressed at how grown up and responsible you are being with organising yourselves, getting the right equipment on your tables and remembering about cleaning your hands regularly and keeping a safe distance from other classes. Well done.

In English, and PSHE, this week we have begun looking at the book 'Here We Are'. We have had lots of opportunities to explore our thoughts, feelings and opinions about our current situation and what it's like being back in school, where some things are the same but others are different. We have reflected on who is important to us and why. Additionally we also discussed the positive effect lockdown has had on the environment and how we would like to these changes continue by changes to our daily life.

In Maths we are looking at place value. Initially we consolidated our understanding of numbers to 100, which everyone was very confident with doing so we have moved on to looking at hundreds and ways of representing numbers to a thousand. We have been impressed with the way everyone has sensibly used base 10 and place value counters to support their learning.

In Science we have begun our topic of forces and magnets by reflecting on what they already know about forces. We have started to look at and discuss balanced and unbalanced forces needed to make things moves, and the different types of force required: push, pull or twist.

Additionally, we have watched a virtual assembly from generate, considered different emotions, how we show them and recognise them in others. We have worked as a team to solve problems, listened carefully to each other and played games together. We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

English: To discuss ideas and listen carefully to others opinions.

Maths: To represent and use numbers to 1000


Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Taylor





The final week for Hawthorn Class - 2019 - 2020

Friday 17th July 2020

As we wind down and the end of the term is upon us with 2 days left of school next week, there is no better way to end our last newsletter than on a high!   We feel this week in particular you have shown us how ready you are for Year 4.  We have read some beautiful letters to Miss Kimberley where you have taken the time to reflect on your strength's and area's for improvement.  It has been so lovely to have received such positive feedback on the tranistion arrangements that have been put in place to prepare you for September as best we can. We know that each and everyone of you has embraced this opportunity and we know that you will all settle into Oak beautifully in September, just as well as you did into Hawthorn last year.  

Many of you made good use of the colour monster to reflect on your feelings this week, this is a really useful exercise and we should all take more time out of our day to think about our thoughts and feelings and to discuss them.

It was fantastic to see such an effort on Monday with you writing your full poem 'The Magic Box', we were truly impressed with the effort each one of you put into this piece of work.  In Maths we have seen some outstanding results on Mathletics and during Science we have been highly impressed with the games you have designed and made using magnets, many of these have been shared on the blog, thank you!

We will end this newsletter to you with a big well done, you have all completed your final full week in Year 3 and your last spelling test for the academic year!  As you know we have been amazed by how well you have worked remotely during these uncertain times, you all deserve a very well earned restful, happy summer holiday.  Enjoy yourselves, have lots of fun and we will all see each other again in September. 

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 10th July 2020

Well it has been another busy week for Hawthorn, as we draw closer to the end of the term we know that it is getting harder, as you are all getting tired.  We continue to be amazed with your enthusiasm with completing all that is asked of you.  Not long left, keep going, then you can really relax over the summer break.

It was so lovely to see so many of you this week on Tuesday for your PE activity with Mr Martin and today; we do hope that you have benefited from your transistion day today and have enjoyed getting to know Miss Kimberley and Mrs Williams and life in Oak. I know that many of you put a lot of thought into your worries and worked really hard with thinking through strategies to help you overcome these, hopefully this activity will have prepared you well.

We have continued to write our poems inspired from 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright, a lot of imaginative ideas have been used to describe your box for verse 4 and 5 whilst looking at fantasy and things which aren't real. In Math's we have continued to look at time and duration and during Science we saw a lot of you experimenting and exploring the use of magnets.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, the sun should be back for us!   Don't forget to ask your parents to upload your Art work of your racoon online if you want to enter the Linnean Society of London Art Competition, Mrs Woodward confirms that there are some great prizes!

Best wishes, Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 3rd July 2020

Well, this week was exciting! Definitely a change from normal, I got to see so many of you this week for the first time since March. It was lovely to see you all having a catch up and enjoying playing games together. There were lots of massive smiles!

In English this week we have been reading a poem, 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. This poem has lots of short verses containing different features which the children have used. It was great hearing everyone reading their poems out loud, using expression. I think its probably quite a while since some people have read out loud. There were some fantastic tongue twisters using alliteration and some great imagination when describing the senses. We look forward to next weeks verses!

In Maths we have continued looking at time, in particular 12 hour and 24 hour clock, how these are recorded and when to use am and pm. We are pleased to see everyones growing confidence in this as this can be a tricky life skill to learn. Well done.

In Science we have been finding out which things were magnetic and then finding out which metals in particular were magnetic. In topic it was interesting to see the different village designs and how they would be protected against earthquakes.

I look forward to seeing the key workers on Monday and the Tuesday group I will only see at a distance this week. You will still be doing activities with Mr Martin however I will be meeting the new year 3's. Then, on Thursday, Mrs Keen will get to see you all for a short time when you meet Miss Kimberley to find out about year 4. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs.

Friday 26th June 2020

This has definitely been the hottest week of learning at home so far. In spite of the heat everyone has continued to work well. In English this week, we have finished reading War and Peas. The children have used the story mountain to confidently plan their own fables. In all of the fables we've read, we have been really impressed with the amount of detail, range of adverbs and prepositions and accurate use of the features of direct speech. Well done. 

In Maths we have been thinking about units of time and reading digital and analogue clocks accurately. It can be tricky as there are different ways of saying it, writing it and remembering if it is to or past the hour. Great work everybody.

In Science, we investigated the friction between different surfaces. We used our home made ramps to test at what height the object slid down the slope to work out which objects had least friction. In topic we've been learning about hurricanes this week. Its really enjoyable to read all the different presentations. The children are taking the time to think how to set it out or how things should be presented which is great to see.

Next week there are going to be a couple more changes. Mrs Gibbs will be continuing to support the children from home, on Seesaw every day. I will be in school on Monday with some of the key worker children and available on Seesaw and email like usual. On Tuesday I will also be in school and will hopefully see most of you either in the morning or afternoon, which I'm really looking forward to! On Wednesday I will see you all on Seesaw like usual.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 19th June 2020

Wow! Another busy week, we've been really impressed this week with how hard people are working at everything they've been asked to do. In English we have been reading 'War and Peas' by Michael Foreman. This modern day fable has some important meanings whilst presented in a light-hearted way, the illustrations complement the story extremely well. We have enjoyed watching videos of the two kings and read some fantastic descriptions of the rich kings country. It is great to see features we have been working on this year, high quality adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions, being incorporated seamlessly into writing. Everyone is becoming more confident at using speech in their writing. We thoroughly enjoyed reading people recounts, descriptions and newspaper reports of the battle. Well done.

In Maths we have been looking at capacity. Reading scales, comparing amounts and adding and subtracting millilitres and litres. On Friday we began looking at time by reading calendars. We are aware that telling the time is an area that some children find tricky. If you would like us to send you some easier activities to reinforce what the children have previously learnt then email us on hawthorn@haslingfield.cambs.sch.uk

In topic this week we were finding out about tornadoes, and several people sent in some great tornado videos of bottle swinging and water disappearing down the plug hole. It was also interesting to find out about the American who are storm chasers and how they try to protect their vehicles. In Science we have started our topic of forces and magnets by thinking about pushes and pulls in our daily life. There was lots of confident work in Spanish on food.

We hope everyone has a good weekend.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 12th June 2020

I'm beginning to realise that I have lost count of how many weeks we have been doing home learning for, now. Like some of you I expect it is the act of logging onto seesaw each day that helps to give structure to my days. It is fantastic to see how everyone is working so well and responding to the comments we all make and it doesn't matter whether they are learning at home or in the key worker classroom at school. We are really proud of the progress the children are making. This generation of children are going to come out of this time with some phenomenal typing and computer skills!

In English this week, we have begun reading different fables and finding out/thinking about their possible morals. There were some fantastic retelling's of fables at the start of the week with some people challenging themselves to change the characters and events slightly whilst keeping it so the moral still worked. We have been practising using speech correctly on and off all year. Its great to see so many people confidently remembering the features of direct speech in their writing this week. The next thing will be using it confidently in your own writing. The fables we've been reading this week were mainly ones written by Aesop, an ancient Greek. Next week we will be reading a modern fable before going on to write our own fables.

In Maths we have been reading scales to calculate the weight of objects, compare the objects and add or subtract different amounts. Next week we will be doing the same with capacity.

In Science we watched the second Science show from Cambridge Science Centre on Sound. It was great to see all your enthusiastic comments and see the different things people tried out.

In topic we found about Tsunamis and saw videos showing their awesome destructive power. I suspect many of your parents will remember the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 which covered a vast area. It was great to see all the interesting presentations, leaflets powerpoints and posters about tsunamis.

Yesterday we had some truly amazing poetry inspired by Brahman, which we all enjoyed reading.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs.

Friday 5th June 2020

Welcome back to the last half term of the year. Its been lovely to see everyone back online, and some of you are now getting to actually see each other as you are back in school in the key worker groups, whilst others have brothers or sister going back to school so again its a time of change. This week in English we have been learning about earthquakes, how they are caused and how to keep safe. We've been practising using prefixes un, mis and dis, making sure it makes a real word. Next week we'll be using them in our writing. For English next week we are going to be reading and listening to fables. Can you find out what a fable is?

In Maths we have now finished our unit on shape and will be moving on to mass next week. There has been lots of careful drawing of straight lines, using a ruler, which I was very pleased to see! Also excellent use of the terms acute, obtuse and right angle when drawing and describing angles. I wonder who will remember what parallel lines and perpendicular lines are in a couple of weeks time?

Some great work on plant life cycles, music and DT this week.Mrs Lihoreau is looking forward to having a look at all the music everyone has managed to do. We have loved having a look at the amazing photo frames sent in!! We have seen woodwork, drilling, painting, sawing, foil, card and paper. Such a great range of themes and designs too, maybe we could share a finished picture of each on the blog for the others to see and admire too. We are very impressed with your hard work. My thanks also go to your parents for supporting you. Well done.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 22nd May 2020

It is hard to believe this is now the half term holiday and we have completed another 6 weeks of schooling without seeing each other. We've no idea who has strange lock down haircuts or who is looking a bit long and shaggy or who has extra-long plaits and pony tails!

 When we look back at this term everyone has accomplished so many things, people can complete online learning activities, upload photos, download activities, find websites, type quicker and use so many other new computer related skills. We have read two complete books together in English, packed our bags (literally in some cases) and gone on a wide range of adventures, many of which I'm keen to read the end of! We have learnt a lot about volcanoes and the ring of fire, and started learning about earthquakes. There have been fantastic videos of volcano eruptions, earthquakes, flowers changing colour, photo frames and bubbling lava lamps which people have had great fun trying out at home. People have been setting out their writing in different ways and taking ownership of their learning with some impressive results. 

In Maths we have finished covering a few tricky ideas in fractions, developed the life skill of using money, refreshed some addition and subtraction skills and started work on shape. We will continue another week on shape after half term before moving on to a new topic.

Everyone who has worked so hard this term definitely deserves this holiday, to relax and enjoy the time in the sun. We will see you all, back on Seesaw on 1st June.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 15th May 2020

It seems hard to believe that is about 7 weeks since we were all together in our classroom and everybody was doing their Roman presentations and preparing for our assembly! The days are beginning to feel all the same as we don't go anywhere particularly different or do different things. We are all really impressed with the way you are handling this different way of living and adapting to a new way of learning. It is interesting to see that some people have already completed work before 9am whereas others like the slightly later start and send in their work in the afternoon. It is interesting to see that when in school we can tell the children are ready for half term and a rest from work so several people are running out of steam this week, when of course half term is only another week away. From working at home with my son, I can see just how much more intense home learning is, whether its 1 to 1  or they are just getting on with work. There are less of the social interactions with their friends, popping across the room to borrow a ruler (when they really just need to move for a moment!) or going out for a play in the fresh air and a run round the field. We fully understand those who find doing that one more activity is just a step too far, at the moment, for a peaceful life at home.

This week in English we have been continuing our adventure underground with some fantastic animal fact files and really imaginative lands to visit. Its interesting to see children taking ownership and pride in their work and having the confidence to present it in a way of their own choice. It also makes it that bit more exciting for us to look at and read so thank you! We are looking forward to seeing your maps and drawings of what this strange underground world looks like. Next week we are going to finish the story. I wonder who has any ideas how they get back to the surface of the Earth again? I love this bit but you'll have to wait to find out! For those who love writing stories that's what we're going to be doing next week.

In Maths we've been using a new set of activity cards to investigate addition and subtraction which a lot of children have enjoyed as well as revisiting column addition. Next week we are going to move on to shape. Remembering properties of 2D and 3D shapes and work on turns and angles.

In topic we've got some fun activities to do with earthquakes next week now you all know so much about volcanoes and the structure of the Earth! In Science it sounds like lots of people enjoyed the science presentation from the Cambridge Science Centre. The password will work until Sunday evening if you didn't get chance to do it or want to watch it again. There is a leaflet from the Science centre coming out soon on parent mail containing lots of other fun experiments to do at home as well.

We hope you have a fun weekend, take time to chat to family and friends and make the most of the improved weather.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hawthorn have really impressed us this week with how confident they are at using technology and taking responsibility for their home learning. It has been fantastic to see the different ways children have chosen to present their work. 

In English this week we have begun reading 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth', a science fiction, adventure style book which is probably a completely different genre to what many of them have read before. This week we have seen the adventure start with the coded message, through to packing suitcases, travel to Iceland and down the inside of the volcano to start exploring the underground tunnels. Everybody enjoyed making up secret codes and sending messages to their family. I got sent a couple of tricky ones to decipher! It was interesting to see what they wanted to take with them. This was presented as lists, an illustrated list, people found the items to photograph, some presentations and even a role play! It was lovely to see so many ideas. It was fascinating to read about peoples fears and all the wonderful ways in which they would overcome them. It will be very interesting to see and read what they think the lost world will be like.

In Maths we have been reviewing knowledge of times tables as its always good to keep them fresh and ready to help us in maths. Although we're not doing the weekly tests I hope people are still practising and if they feel confident then please move on to another times table. Just to remind you that the expectation by the end of year 3 is for children to know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables (in addition to the 2, 5 and 10s). Then they are welcome to move on to 6, 9 or 11s and finally 7s and 12s. In addition and subtraction we have been revisiting work from the Autumn term and after a few rusty moments everyone has remembered how to do it ready to build on this in year 4. Next week we are going to have another look at column addition and subtraction with a few investigations in between.

In the afternoon we have explored the structure of the earth and made models to show this in some very inventive way. I'd never have thought of using mixing bowls, have a look on the blog to see!  In science there was some very careful flower dissection to look at the parts of a flower. Next weeks science is moving away from plants for a special activity from Cambridge Science Centre on sound, which will be a nice introduction to their work on sound next year. I will send out the live logins next week with the password. There has also been some careful use of tone during art. Mrs Woodard will log on near the end of the week to view and comment on these. Mrs Anderson will likewise view and comment on the Spanish.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday on Friday.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs 

Friday 1st May 2020

It has been another busy week as we come to the end of Week 2 of the Summer Term.

This week we have continued uploading the daily activities to SeeSaw which has enabled the children to work more independently and hopefully you have also found this beneficial. We continue to be impressed with the quality of work the children are submitting so we thank you for your help, support and guidance. We understand there can be some challenge and preparation for the tasks but are more than happy to see adaptions and creativity. 

Next week Ms Anderson has suggested some Spanish recipes to try, the ingredients will be in a pdf document in the weekly email from the office, if you wish to prepare and complete this task. Alternatively there will be a Spanish speaking task on SeeSaw next Thursday. 

As we have all been really impressed with the children's attitude to learning and the way they have all learnt to adapt and develop new skills to carry out home learning, we would like to continue the 'Stars of the Week' awards. These will be announced on SeeSaw at 3pm on a Friday, just the same as if we were in school. As always, it is very difficult to choose just a few children each week as we are really proud of everyone!

Mrs Keen, Mrs Lees and Mrs Gibbs

Friday 24th April 2020

Welcome back to the summer term in Hawthorn class.

It has already been a very busy few days on line as we start our new topic 'Extreme Earth' with the first element being volcanos! It has been lovely to see the different ways that the children present their work using word processors, PowerPoint, art, modelling and video. Our thanks go to you, the parents for all your continued help, support and encouragement with your child's learning. We are seeing work of a high standard and the children are making good progress.

You will have seen since Easter we are trying to use the SeeSaw platform more to encourage the pupil's independence. By having the work on line this enables pupils to see what the tasks are that day and helps those that don't have access to a printer. Seesaw is generally working well but as you will have probably seen, can sometimes run slow or not show your work but we will endeavour to mark all work submitted that day. The Seesaw filing system can be quite peculiar and more than once we find ourselves saying ‘where has that gone now?!’

Hopefully you can enjoy some excercise or reading outside in this lovely weather.

Mrs Keen, Mrs Lees and Mrs Gibbs

1st April 2020

his has to be the weirdest week ever. It will certainly be one we will remember for the rest of our lives. In all the years Haslingfield Primary School has been open, even through two world wars, it has never been closed before! This is something when we started teaching (many years ago!) we never imagined doing with a class of children. It has to be said you have all been brilliant, and your Mums, Dads and carers, are rising to this new challenge. We have all learned so much this week and made such technological leaps that I cannot imagine education will ever be quite the same again. The building may be closed but the learning continues.

This week we have read some zero to hero sentences that have had varied vocabulary, and some interesting twists! The imagination that has gone into writing the silly paragraphs have made us laugh out loud a few times. In Maths you have done a fantastic job at learning equivalent fractions on your own, and I bet a few parents have had to think hard too! Your accuracy in calculating perimeter has grown, as has your confidence. Hopefully you all enjoyed your time in the garden choosing a plant to draw and describe its functions.  It has been interesting to see the range of ideas for presenting work on Hadrian's Wall. There has been a wall of writing, list of bullet points, diagrams of how it’s built and some photos as well.

One of the advantages of learning at home is that you get to spend more time with your family and we fully appreciate that at times everyone gets frustrated and annoyed when working with each other. Hopefully the amount of work set provides a sufficient amount to do with children being able to extend their learning when interested in an area whilst letting their parents get some work or jobs done. Please remember we are still here to help and listen to any problems, and you can drop us a line at any time on the hawthorn@haslingfield.cambs.sch.uk email address with any questions or problems. We hope you are also finding time to do things together and individually, whether it’s reading a good book, being in the garden, doing cub or brownie badges or playing games. We hope you all have a good weekend and remain well.

Mrs Lees, Mrs Keen and Mrs Gibbs.