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Friday 20th November 2020

This week there has been a whole school focus linked to the National 'Anti-bullying Week'.  In Ash Class we don't use the specific vocabulary of 'bullying' but have focused on being kind to others, how to be a good friend, how to include others and what to do if you are worried about something.  

In phonics the children have learnt the new sounds l, u and f, named words which start with these sounds, how to form them when writing and we have played bingo together in order to encourage recognising all the sounds learnt so far. In Maths we have focused on shape and recapped the names and properties of 2D shapes with a game via zoom.  The children then moved on to learning the names of 3D shapes (sphere, pyramid, cube, cuboid, cone and cylinder) and the difference between 2D flat shapes and 3D solid shapes.  

The children have thought about what it would be like to have been alive when dinosaurs were and how we would have lived together!  They have continued with their dinosaur dance and have learnt that information (about dinosaurs) can be retrieved from computers.  They used the internet (as a class) to find the answer to a previously raised question 'What do dinosaurs eat?'  and learnt that some dinosaurs were carnivores, some were herbivores and some were omnivores.  

English:  to listen to stories, anticipating and responding to what they hear.

Maths:  to begin to use mathematical names for 3D shapes.

Friday 13th November 2020

What a busy and exciting time Ash Class have had this week!  The week started with a discovery of a strange object in the school garden which encouraged the children to ask lots of thoughtful questions and come up with some imaginative ideas of what it might be.  Later in the week, all became clear as a little dinosaur hatched out of the dinosaur egg!  The children also heard the story 'Tom and the Island of the Dinosaurs' and wrote a letter to Katy saying they would help her to rescue the dinosaurs. 

In phonics this week, the children have learnt the new sounds e, h and r and at the end of the week I played bingo with them via zoom to practice all the sounds learnt so far.  In Maths they have been learning to add two groups of objects together and then started to record this as a written number sentence.  The children have done a lot of work on PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) this week linked with Children in Need.  In PE, they started a dinosaur dance and explored how a dinosaur would move when emerging from an egg.  Along with flu vaccinations, photographs, a Remembrance Day celebration and wearing your own clothes, you should all sleep well tonight!  My thanks to Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Golden for doing a fantastic job in class.  I have enjoyed reading stories, teaching, talking about the egg and hosting bingo via zoom and hope to be able to do more next week. 

English:  to begin to write a simple sentence.

Maths:  to find the total number of objects in two groups by counting all of them

Friday 6th November 2020

This week we started by talking and then writing about our half term holiday.  We then moved on to our new topic of dinosaurs which was chosen by the children.  They all thought of things they already knew about dinosaurs and things they want to find out during the course of the half term.  The children listened to the story of 'Harry and the Bucket of Dinosaurs' and then drew a dinosaur and labelled it.  We also used the internet to find information on dinosaurs.  In Maths, we have used dinosaurs to find out what one more than a given number is by adding one and have started to record this using a written number sentence.  In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds o, c, k, and ck.  The children have learnt the term 'digraph' which means two letters that make one sound like 'ck'.  We have also started to blend sounds together to read and segment them in order to spell.  In PE we explored space, balance and jumping and landing safely.  We have also talked about kindness and what this looks like in Ash Class as well as reading and discussing books about people with different skin colours, in line with the rest of the school learning about black history.  

Maths:  To say the number one more than a given number.

English:  To use some identifiable letters to communicate meaning.

Friday 23rd Octobr 2020

This week we have continued with our phonics, learning m, d and g. The children have learnt the songs, actions and started to write
the letters, as well as thinking of words starting with these sounds. In English, the children have joined in with repeated refrains
whilst reading a story and are learning how to answer 'how' and 'why' questions. We have also looked at some of the similarities
and differences between our families and talked about who is important to them. In Maths, we have been working on separating a
group of objects in different ways with the children recognising that the total stays the same. We have also recapped 2D shapes
and found these in the environment. In Music, the children started to beat out simple rhythms with different instruments. We hope
you have a fantastic half term.

Friday 16th October 2020

This week in Ash class we have learnt the new sounds of p, i and n in phonics and have started to blend these together to make simple words.  We have learnt simple rhymes and how to continue a rhyming string with real and made up words, noticing that the words have to end with the same sound.  We have also worked on alliteration and finding words to describe ourselves that start with the same sound.  The children suggested 'Lovely Lightfoot' and 'Cheeky Chadwick'!  Please encourage them to have a go at thinking of alliterative names for members of their family.  In Maths we have learnt about shapes and the names of simple 2D shapes and how to describe them with the number of corners, sides, etc.  

In our PE session, the children jumped from different climbing apparatus, remembering to start with their toes on the edge and knees bent, landing safely on two feet.  In music, we explored different instruments and tapped out simple rhythms.  In RE the children are learning about special people and looked at a story of Jesus helping a paralyzed man and in PSHE we have talking about what the children could do and who they could speak to if they were feeling worried or anxious.  

You should have all received a password and suggested activities for our new learning platform 'Purple Mash' this week.

Friday 9th Ocotber 2020

It has been lovely to be back with the children this week and we have been learning lots of new things together.  We have begun phonics lessons and have so far covered s, a and t.  Each phoneme has a different action and song and we have been learning to write these in a cursive script too.  The children should have brought a phonics book home to complete some activities at home if they wish to and to give you an idea of what we have covered.  In addition, we have sent all children home with a reading book this week.  These will be changed regularly on a Tuesday and a Thursday.  

At Forest School on Friday we went apple picking again and cooked toast on the campfire.  Some of us used tools to drill holes in conkers and acorns this week.  


We have continued learning about our different senses and the children have had fun using their sense of touch to feel different textured objects and describe them.  After reading 'Handa's Surprise' they have also used their sense of taste to try different fruits.  Some were very sweet and others very sharp to taste. We have also talked about what makes the children feel happy and sad.

Friday 2nd October 2020

Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Williams have done a fantastic job of teaching the children this week following my planning and I’m very grateful.  I hope to be back with the class very soon.  They have continued our ‘Marvellous Me’ project with more children sharing their boxes.  The children are becoming confident at speaking in front of others and answering the questions posed by their classmates.  We have continued work on the senses with the children listening to the story ‘Peace at Last’ and talking about all the things that Daddy Bear could hear.  The children have used their own sense of hearing to listen to the sounds around our school and playground.  We have also been investigating the sense of smell and the children have smelt different products and talked about whether they liked the smell or not.  In Maths, the children have shown us which numbers they can recognise and match numerals to the correct quantity.  In PE the children have continued work on negotiating space and shown us hopping and standing on one leg.  At Forest School we listened to the rain dripping from the trees and found an apple tree.  We picked some apples and had an extra snack in the woods.

For the first few weeks in school we spend time getting to know the children, teaching them routines and boundaries and learning what they already know and what they can do. We also address individual skills (how to hold a pencil, modelling social skills, etc.) This is called baselining and gives us a clear plan of what we need to work on with individual children as well as during whole class teaching.  Formal whole class teaching of phonics, maths and English skills will begin shortly.

Friday 25th September 2020

What a fantastic first full week at school we have had!  We have started our 'Marvellous Me' topic and have enjoyed listening to some of the children share items from their special boxes with us.  We have learnt about our senses in general, and looked deeper into the sense of sight so far.  In Maths, the children have shown us what they know in terms of their knowledge of numbers and shapes.  They have all drawn a picture and written about their families.  For PE, the children enjoyed running around outside, negotiating spaces and we all enjoyed playing 'shadow it'.  On friday morning we decided the wind was too strong to visit our woods so we explored the dens on the field and found secret pathways. As we walked around the field we found lots of conkers under the horse chestnut tree and learned to use a palm drill safely to make holes in the conkers and thread them on to string. 

Friday 18th September - Ash Class New Intake 2020 - 2021

The children have enjoyed staying for lunch this week, Mrs Chadwick and I have been impressed with how independent they have
been. Our book focus this week was the story ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers, we looked at google earth on the interactive whiteboard
to find out where we live. We talked about and labelled different parts of our body on a giant body outline. They drew different body
parts and put them in the correct places.
The children enjoyed making their ‘marvellous me’ boxes and we cannot wait to see what they fill them up with. Please remember
to return on your child’s allocated day. In maths we have enjoyed finding out what numbers the children can recognise.
At Forest School we explored the area and had a thoughtful fire, we were very impressed with how confident and sensible they were
when exploring the environment. They have remembered lots of our Forest School rules already – well done Ash. We look forward
to having the children in all day next week.





The final week for Ash class Intake 2019 - 2010


Friday 17th July 2020

Dear Ash Class,
You have just finished your last full week in Ash Class! This week I have enjoyed
seeing and hearing about your stories about different biscuits and cakes and it looked
like you had lots of fun during your sports day! I am looking forward to seeing you on
our big screen next week for some games on our last day. Mrs Chadwick, Mrs
Symmons and I have really enjoyed being your teachers this year and we have shared
lots of lovely memories. Thank you for working so hard for us. Have a fantastic
summer holiday and we will look forward to sneaking in to Birch Class when you return
to say hello!
From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 10th July 2020

Dear Ash Class,
What a rainy week it has been! I hope you had lots of fun meeting your new teachers
this week and thinking about all the exciting things you will get up to in year one. I
was impressed with the letters that you have written to them too, It looks like you
have enjoyed the story of The Gingerbread Man this week and sequencing the story
and a recipe. I know some of the children at home followed their recipe and made
some delicious looking gingerbread men, I hope they didn’t run away! You have also
done some great work on taking away as well as lots of rhyming activities. Well done
Ash Class. One more week to go until you can have a well deserved summer break.
From Mrs Lightfoot
Dear Parents,

Friday 3rd July 2020

Dear Ash Class,
You have had another busy week, this time learning about a traditional tale but from a
different point of view, The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig. You have
thought about the differences between the two stories and designed your own house
for the little wolves. You have also worked hard to write a letter to the big bad pig
trying to convince him to be good. In Maths you have done more work on sharing
equally and are beginning to understand this well. Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Williams
have told me that you have coped really well this week in your new bubbles and been
very sensible, well done Ash Class, I’m very proud of how well you are adjusting to all
of these changes.
From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 26th June 2020

Dear Ash Class

I have enjoyed seeing your work about the three little pigs this week. You gave the
little pigs some amazing outfits to wear, built your own houses and retold the story
with puppets. You also did a great job of identifying the difference between odd and
even numbers and recapped halving. It has been very hot this week so I like that you
have been able to dip your sunhats in water at school to cool you down and I hear you
have been enjoying yoga after lunch! I enjoyed reading to you via zoom and will see
you all again next week. Have a fantastic weekend.
From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 19th June 2020

Dear Ash Class,

I have enjoyed seeing you explain the healthy meals you designed for Supertato this week and you thought carefully about which food groups to include in order to make him strong and to give him energy.  You have made some fantastic posters to catch the evil pea and I enjoyed reading your conversations in speech bubbles between Evil Pea and Supertato.  You have also produced some great subtraction and addition work this week and are really getting used to using number lines now.  Well done Ash Class on another great week.

From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 12th June 2020

Dear Ash Class,
Wow! You have had a very busy week planning and then writing stories about your new vegetable characters and I have enjoyed reading them. I loved hearing how you managed to rescue the trapped vegetables from the ice and the different ideas you came up with, well done.
From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 5th June 2020

Dear Ash Class,
I hope you had a lovely half term holiday! To those of you in school: Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Williams and I are very proud of how well you have settled back in to school this week and I have loved seeing you all and reading to you on the big whiteboard! It is a bit different to how it was before lockdown but you have taken the changes in your stride and have enjoyed seeing your friends again. I have been impressed with the work from all of you this week – Supertato seems to be a popular book and your own designs for traps have been very inventive! I set you a difficult maths task of trying to stop the naughty evil pea tricking everyone with his maths facts and you did well to work out whether these were true or false. Well done Ash Class, keep up the good work.
From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 22nd May 2020

Dear Ash Class,
Thank you for showing me your videos of a skill you have learnt during lockdown, I have really enjoyed watching these and have been very impressed with all the things you can now do! This week we have been practising all the things you have learnt during this half term and you have worked hard to understand halving, doubling and sharing numbers. The stories you wrote about a dinosaur were fantastic and some of the best writing that I have seen you produce, well done! Some of you may be returning to school after half term so well done for all the amazing learning you have done at home, I am very proud of how well you have all risen to this challenge. Have a great half term holiday with your families.
From Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 15th May 2020
Dear Ash Class,
You have learnt a lot about non-fiction books this week and I have enjoyed watching you talk about your own non-fiction books that you have found at home. I was also impressed with how you were able to sort text into fact and fiction. You have all had a good go at sharing this week, both doing it practically following my demonstration and on the worksheet, well done.
From Mrs Lightfoot
Parents, thank you for continued support with the activities that the children have been asked to complete at home. As we approach what could possibly be the last week of home learning for Ash Class next week, I have tried to recap some of the different aspects we have covered over the past few weeks so that the children return to school confident in these skills.
Enjoy what may be your last week of learning at home together, thank you for all your support of your children and us and we wish you a lovely and restful half term.
Mrs Lightfoot

Thursday 7th May 2020

Dear Ash Class,

I loved talking to some of you over the phone this week, thank you for chatting to me so well and for making me laugh! Thank you for working so hard this week; I gave you some tricky trigraphs to explore and you have all learnt these using the different tasks and thought of some fantastic words, noticing that these trigraphs often come at the end of a word. I hope you enjoyed listening to ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and I was impressed with the different adjectives you thought of to describe your own dinosaur. You also thought of some amazing alliterative adjectives to describe the members of your family and others. I liked ‘Cheeky Chadwick’ and ‘Lovely Lightfoot’! Maths has been tricky this week with doubling and halving but you have risen to this challenge by doubling shoes and other objects and sharing the eggs between two dinosaurs to find half. Great work Ash Class! We will do one more week of dinosaurs to take us up to half term.

From Mrs Lightfoot

Parents, thank you for facilitating the phone calls this week, I enjoyed talking to all the children and hope it was beneficial for them too. Included with this bulletin is the new plan, as well as a phonics booklet and an English task. Other resources and demonstrations will be uploaded to tapestry throughout the week. I know some of the children are finding learning at home more challenging the longer it continues, please email me if I can help in any way on

Mrs Lightfoot


Thursday 30th April 2020
Hi Ash Class,
I’ve enjoyed reading your letters to Tom and Katy this week and I was impressed with the words you used and how well you sounded them out using the phonics you have learnt. You also came up with some fantastic words containing the trigraph ‘igh’ - did anyone think of Lightfoot? Thank you to Freya and Delphi who have thought of a challenge for the register this week, please tell your adult if you have got an idea and I’ll try to include it. Keep working hard and sharing your work with me, I like looking at it and seeing you on your videos.
From Mrs Lightfoot
Parents, thank you for all you are doing to help support your children to learn at home.

  • Included with this bulletin is the new plan of activities for next week, related to dinosaurs, as well as two booklets for the trigraphs they will be learning, and a halving activity for Thursday.
  • Please remember to try to register by approx. 10.20am so that I can let the office know of anyone who hasn’t registered by 10.30am. If the timing of the register on tapestry doesn’t work around your working hours, you are welcome to email the class address earlier if it is easier.
  • Activities do not need to be done strictly to the timetable and this week I have set a baking task, which you may prefer to do at the weekend. There is no obligation to complete all the tasks but these are the objectives we would be working through if we were at school in order to ensure they have the skills necessary to prepare them for year one. I have put the objective (if it is not obvious by the task) so you can choose an activity of your own which may meet this instead, if you prefer.
  • If your child would like to set the register challenge or has any other ideas to share, please email me and I will do my best to accommodate these.
  • Remember to use the email address if you want any further information or have a query or concern:

Mrs Lightfoot

Friday 24th April 2020

It’s been lovely to see all the wonderful things that the children got up to over Easter, despite the restrictions; seeing their little faces while they have been doing their show and tell has brightened my day too!  They seem to be very motivated to learn again this week, which is great. 


  • Included with this bulletin is the new plan of activities for next week, related to dinosaurs.  There is also a dinosaur reading challenge for Monday and a new list of home learning activities, which can be dipped in to when needed.


  • You are all using tapestry in a way which works for you, which is great.  You are welcome to put on one piece of work at time or do it all together at the end of the day.  You can add all the work completed or just one or two pieces (if this is the case, please focus on the maths / English activity).  I love seeing some of the other, off plan, things the children have got up to as well.


  • When the children are working, try to encourage them to do it as independently as possible.  I know there has been some worry about spellings, but at this stage it is important to encourage the children to hear the sounds in the words themselves and to record using the phonics they know already.  More spelling rules are learnt as they progress through the school but in Ash class we concentrate on spelling phonetically, unless it is one of the tricky words we are working on.  This is a good example from Theo of the words he thought up for ‘er’.  He’s used the digraphs he knows to spell them and although they’re not spelt correctly they are perfectly phonetical and easy to read what they are.  I hope this helps with some of the queries about spelling.


Mrs Lightfoot


1st April 2020

We’ve made it through week one of the children learning at home - well done and thank you for all your support!  Attached is the plan for the three days next week when the children would have been in school before the Easter holidays.


  • We now have a class email address: which you can use if you need to contact us about anything related to the work set for the week.
  • If you find the activities too much to fit in to the day while working from home and looking after other children, please let me know via the email above and I will try to adapt tasks accordingly.  In addition, if your child is zipping through the tasks and you’d like ideas to further extend their learning, I’d be happy to help.
  • Where possible, please continue to encourage your child to read and write daily as these are the skills, which are quickest to regress if not practised regularly.
  • The Maths task for Monday should be with the planner.  In school we offer the children a choice of three difficulty levels; mild (if less confident with the concept), medium (manageable by most) or hot (an extra challenge).  We had only just begun to introduce this in Ash Class but they should be familiar with it.  They are welcome to do just one (as long as it is not too easy), two or all three challenges if they wish to.
  • I am really enjoying looking at all the completed activities on tapestry and I will always comment on the work or ask a question to clarify how much help a child had to grasp a concept; this gives me a good idea of the progress they are making.  If you can provide any information as to what they completed independently and what they needed support for, it would really help – thank you.
  • Mrs Chadwick will be allocating new tricky words via tapestry as we know that some of the children are already confident in the words they were given.  Please ensure the children can read and spell the words in their pack before moving on.

Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Symmons and I wish you a restful and enjoyable Easter break.

Mrs Lightfoot

6th March 2020
This week, Ash class have really enjoyed joining in with all the reading week activities. Miss Peck came to read to them on Monday during the ‘teacher swap’ and thank you to all our mystery readers for coming in to share a story with the class as well. We worked with Beech class to think of ideas for the whole school story and the children shared books with their buddies. We produced a fantastic whole class acrostic poem about forest school based on the book ‘The Lost Words’ which the whole school were focusing on. The children looked fantastic on Thursday dressed as their book characters and they wrote about these characters too. What a fun week!
English: to attempt to write short sentences.
Maths: to order objects by weight and height.