Our Curriculum Intent

Haslingfield School’s Curriculum Intent 

Haslingfield School have sort to offer children a wide range of experiences that develop their physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; children have these opportunities through the development of our creative curriculum, also initiatives associated with local and national award schemes.

At Haslingfield School we study topics and themes associated with the ideas and interests of teachers and children. Our creative curriculum makes connections between different subjects and provides broad and balanced learning opportunities.

These ever-evolving units are continually adapted and improved through careful evaluation and feedback. We believe our creative curriculum is the key to accelerated learning in all of the core curriculum areas.

Curriculum days are sometimes a feature of the children’s learning; condensing the delivery of curriculum content to free up time for exciting alternative learning experiences.

Teachers have the expertise and freedom to be flexible and extend the learning in exciting and new ways.

A list of topics for each class over the year is available on our School website.  

The policy specifies the minimum number of teaching hours per subject over the course of the year.

When developing our creative curriculum our School leaders and class teachers:

  • Enable pupils and staff to nurture their own creativity
  • Create a culture of collaboration
  • Emphasise cognitive approaches
  • Make a real commitment to the community
  • Balance continuity and change
  • Promote child-centredness
  • Consider the order in which certain concepts are taught and the time allocated to each curriculum subject
  • Maintain a continued short, medium and long term ‘review and plan’ cycle in light of the National Curriculum Areas of Study.

Alongside our curriculum we offer a broad range of learning opportunities through clubs and individual music lessons: we facilitate approximately thirty club sessions each week and fifty individual or small group music lessons.